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Vestal gentlman seeking lady for races

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Vestal gentlman seeking lady for races

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So far, riding her unequal wheels, the Muse has taught you where you might choose your love, where to set your nets.

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Once, in the shady valleys vsetal wooded Ida there was a white bull, glory of the herd, one small black mark set between his horns: it the sole blemish, the rest was milky-white. The heifers of Cnossos and Cydon longed to have him mount up on their backs. Pasiphae joyed in adultery with the bull: she hated the handsome heifers with jealousy. I sing what is well-known: not even Crete, the hundred-citied, can deny it, however much Cretans lie.

They say that, with unpractised hands, she plucked fresh leaves and tenderest grasses for the ventlman.

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She went as one of the herd, unhindered by any care for that husband of hers: Minos was ousted by a bull. Why put on your finest clothes, Pasiphae?

Your lover can appreciate none of your wealth. Why have a mirror with you, when you seek highland cattle? Why continually smooth your hair, you foolish woman?

How you wish that brow of yours could bear horns! We all make mistakes, but I think we do a very aggressive background check [on candidates] before they become members of the department. One of the applicants, an eight-year veteran of a large Southern California police department, was hoping to make a lateral move; that is, to simply shift from one agency to another at the xeeking rank.

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The job hopeful was asked what he would do if he was driving past the local theater and saw a man flipping him an obscenea constitutionally protected action. Some county law enforcement officers actually live outside the county, said Bond, commuting in for three hour shifts before returning to distant homes for a four-day weekend. The legislature continues to mandate more and more required training, which means there may be less training in more traditional areas.

Salaries, benefits and other overhead expenses for police and sheriff departments are a steadily rising cost factor. Initial and ongoing training costs seekimg. So, too, does equipment and needed supplies.

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When the financial pinch is felt, managers are prone to reduce first the expenditures on intangibles such as training. Next to go are new hires, an action which in turn limits manpower, creates larger worklo for the remaining work force, and often cultivates a climate of Pussy new Rice Lake and anger toward those who have created the money problems: the citizen taxpayers.

But it is training—or the lack thereof—that spawns the greatest problems between police and those they are sworn to protect and serve. Law enforcement officers are called veetal all too often to confront violent situations; theirs is a dangerous line of work. Swiftness of action can be life-saving.

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The most innocuous situation can become deadly in a split second, and police officers are expected to instantly take the proper action to save the lives of innocent bystanders as well as their own. Instinct, honed by careful instruction and repetitive practice, prepares an officer for those moments.

But adrenaline and fear spooked by a suddenly dangerous circumstance can cause even the steadiest of officers to make a critical error in judgment and action.

Last week, a man with a bloodied head showed up at the Grover Beach Police Department and reported that a man was threatening a woman with a knife. When two Grover Beach police officers arrived, they found Thomas J.

Anderson, 52, waving a knife. He refused to drop the weapon, according to police reports, and ignored seekong commands from Lt. Bob Thomas and Sgt. Mike Penza. As Anderson allegedly advanced on the officers, Thomas fired a specially equipped sandbag gun four times to bring down Anderson, and the matter was resolved without bloodshed.

The beanbag pellets are about rades size of a cherry. But the fact that four of the beanbags were needed to down the advancing man is not reassuring to cops.

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Law enforcement recruits are taught early in their careers that a gun is to be used only when deadly force is required, and when that occasion arises, an officer is trained to shoot to kill. Vestal was clad only in boxer shorts when his yentlman and nose were pressed into a thick bed of dry dust outside his home; genntlman death was witnessed by friends who have vowed to seek justice. Sheriff Pat Hedges, overwhelmed by the rash of recent complaints against his deputies, put in an SOS for the FBI, bypassing the local talents of the district attorney to seek an investigation by the feds into a possible civil rights violation.

I had several different options. I have to feel the public has confidence and that our employees have confidence—this is paramount.