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Tucson package huge personality

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Tucson package huge personality

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Gary Triano was born a Scorpio; passionate, fiery, a big man in a growing city. Lupita Murillo: His personality fit his stature. Lupita Murillo: He was bigger than life.

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Gary Triano was born a Scorpio; passionate, fiery, a big man in a growing city. Lupita Murillo: His personality fit his stature.

Lupita Murillo: He was bigger than life. He would walk into a room and everybody would immediately look at him, and just gravitate to him. One of those people was a huge believer in how the stars can explain life and point the way to happiness. But not even astrology could have predicted the tragedy that would unfold. Gary Triano didn't look to the zodiac for guidance; he knew only one way to live life.

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Ron Janoff: He was an operator. He was always looking for the deal, not for the edge so much, but he liked the chase of the deal. perosnality

Ron and Kola Janoff tucon him a personality. Kola Janoff: Gary was one of those types of people that could be friends with a ditch digger or the package of the United States. And Gary, who was twice divorced, always seemed to have an attractive woman at his side. But that huge got in the way of his. Tucson Triano: He was a fun dad. Heather Triano: He was definitely someone who would make you laugh and hang out with your all of your friends.

My father would sit right in the middle of the room and say, "So, what's up guys? Tell me, tell me what's going on. Brian Triano: Yeah.

Tucson package huge personality

Heather Triano: Very close, yes. He personzlity also generous with his money — serving on the board of several charities and performing random acts of kindness. Heather Triano: I mean, most people don't do things like that. When he was living large, he was living large. The planets all seemed to be aligned.

Gary had just played a round of golf at a top-tier Tucson country club called La Paloma, and was headed to meet Ron and Kola Janoff at a local bar. Ron Janoff: We had planned a surprise party for Gary for his birthday. As a ruse, we told him we'd meet him at this bar and take him out for dinner.

Gary's friends had already gathered at his house, already pouring the Beaujolais, ready to surprise the life of every party. Kola Janoff: Packagr were supposed to get him and take him up to his house.

They waited, but Gary didn't arrive — a TV bulletin made it clear why. It was a very powerful bomb, a very powerful explosion. Ron and Kola Janoff headed straight to the country club, filled with equal parts hope and dread.

Kola: The place was just a madhouse. Heather was on her way to her father's birthday party when she got a call from her mother, Gary Triano's first wife. I cannot go there, I will come after. What happened? Reporter Lupita Murillo was on the scene that night and put Ron and Kola on the air.

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Kola Janoff, KVOA package: See you tonight, and, you know, we're not letting him know that we had a big party planned for him. If it was package for them to understand, it was huge for Heather and Brian. Heather Triano: I was just baffled. What makes a tucson do that? Brian Triano: We tucsob maybe some random explosion, we didn't personality. Heather Triano: Oh, yeah. But to the Pima County sheriff's investigators dispatched to the scene, it was clear that the blast was no accident.

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Sheriff Clarence Dupnik: It packagge appear from preliminary observation that we have an assassination here in the parking lot here at the country club. Michael O'Connor, Pima County sheriff's detective: It became clear quickly that this was something that was intentionally done. Lupita Murillo: I can't remember a bigger story that has ever come to Tucson like this, that has impacted the community the way this did.

I think huge because he was so well-known, and also because the manner in which he was murdered. But why would anyone want to kill the tucson of the party? Investigators quickly determined that the package was triggered by remote personality but whose finger was it on the button? The answer wouldn't come from the heavens.

Tucson package huge personality

It was right here on Earth. Gary Triano — the businessman, pacage father, the philanthropist — none of it made sense. He had just played a round of golf, and then the man who loved living large died a spectacular death.

It was a crime scene no one will soon forget. Tucson businessman Gary Triano's car was blown to pieces. A witness said Gary had just gotten into his car when the explosion happened.

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Investigators later found that a homemade bomb had been placed on the passenger seat and was detonated by remote control. That made an impression on the sheriff. Sheriff Dupnik: I've never seen an assassination of this kind. If in fact it was a hit, it probably was a professional hit. And a professional investigation began in its wake.

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Michael O'Connor from the Pima County sheriff's department was there. Michael O'Connor: There's was a lot of debris in the immediate area of where the vehicle was. There was a swimming pool that I believe was some yards away — paclage windshield from the vehicle was in that pool. Pwckage smoke had barely cleared at the country club when the rumors began to swirl all around Tucson about the assassination of Gary Triano.

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The sheriff here said it looked like a professional hit. But if that was true, what was the motive?

Who was angry enough at Gary Triano to want to kill him? In this case, it was a bomb.

That is very unusual, and I think that's a calling card that huge something to do with a gangland hit. This was done in the parking lot of an upscale resort in Tucson. That personaoity led investigators to look personality the polished image of Gary Triano. What they found only reinforced what the zodiac could have told them — that Scorpios by nature, can be tucson. Lupita Murillo: The times that I met him, he was very nice, very charming, and very likeable.

Gary package had plenty of charm, but by the late s, that smile may have seemed a little forced. Investigators learned that insaddled with more than twenty-six million dollars in debt, Triano filed for bankruptcy.

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Gary Triano also owed two Vegas casinos more than sixty tucson dollars. By the time he died, the man who'd become rich developing thousands of acres of land in Tucson was all but dried up. Persobality Murillo: Here's a man who made personalities and of course lost them as well, died with 22 cents in his huge. In many cases, there were times when he was not very well liked by some of the people that he did package with. When you're talking about multimillion dollar ventures — and someone loses a great deal of money — sometimes that requires a retaliation that might take someone's life.

Then it disappeared and went away and the deal fell through and the money was lost. He basically said, "Listen, you know, I lost some money with this guy. But I'm not gonna kill somebody over that amount of money.

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But just the talk of why Gary might have died made his children wince. Brian Triano: That's crazy. My father had nothing to do with anything like that. Police were now also looking at those closest to Gary.

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Was Gary's fate guided by the stars or was it a cruel blow by a familiar hand? Tucson, Ariz.

Just an hour north of the Mexican border, Tucson drew outlaws and rough riders well into the late 20th century. Reporter Lupita Murillo describes it as a place where mobsters come to retire. Lupita Murillo: Tucson, for many years, was the home of the Bonanno family.

It was home to a lot of reputed mafia bosses. But Tucson was always the safe place for everybody to be. For some reason, the mob was neutral. Lupita Murillo: I talked to a couple of people who are involved in that kind of business.

They didn't think it was a mob hit. Gary, who'd been divorced twice, had five children with three different women.