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I'm a well sofr deer, I'm out to my family. I'm in the process of some amazing things. I want someone real someone who won't tell me they love me then vanish. I'm beautiful inside and out, I help out joy junction and have a big heart for animals.

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Dana and her very butchy, short, dark-haired, tattooed friend Syd are talking in the kitchen about their upcoming plans. Syd is leaving for Woens Vegas shortly, where she intends to do some gambling. Dana asks on what shall we bet? Syd answers: "my car for your pussy.

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I really liked this creative set-up idea! Syd is definitely in full control of the scene that follows. At one point Dana asks her "You gonna make me squeal like a little piglet? Dana DeArmond is fast becoming my favorite Girlfriends Films actress!

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Syd does her doggy-style with a strap-on! Both of these girls are incredibly hot, and Sandy does an excellent job in the role of an owmens, determined seducer of her gorgeous friend.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Prinzzess is soon allowing the other girl to begin kissing and caressing her all over. At one point Sandy says, "let me take off your pants.

What gives? Instead, what we get is I-do-you-then-you-do-me going down on each seeking, fingering, ing, and tribbing. Apparently, Cindy had sometime earlier ordered teaching assistant Ava to tutor pretty blonde Franziska in her U. Very similar. Cindy lectures Ava and Franziska for a long, long time, even reading several questions from womens quiz. I kept waiting for Cindy amature do what Dana DeArmond did in WSW, and decide to turn this uncomfortable-academic-situation into lots-of-fun for herself and Coach Julianna.

At this point, the director should have soft rolling and re-shot this entire scene, but instead it all plods on with Cindy showing both girls her nipples. Up until now neither of the younger women have shown the slightest lesbian inclinations local.

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Anyway, Julianna then suggests that Cindy take Ava out of the room so that xeeking can go over the entire exam once again with pretty blonde Franziska. Julianna obviously knows absolutely nothing about acting dominant towards another girl because her scene with Franziska falls completely flat. That would be yowzers! Overall grade: B- pennylover Just want to add my review as a counterpoint to Anon.

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Sandy doing Prinzzess is worth watching. Prinzzess contrasts wonderfully with that silliness. When she lies wpmens with her eyes closed as Sandy licks her, it is so obvious that she is melting from each delicious stroke. When she tells Sandy what she wants her to do and Sandy does it, Prinzzess actually cums in response.

How fantastic is that? There are few things as wonderful as watching a beautiful woman in the throes of passion riding a wave of ecstasy because of the attentions of another beautiful woman, and there are few women EVER who carry it off as breathtakingly as Prinzzess. Watching it again, I enjoyed it quite a bit more. The set-up was really pretty good I thought, with Sandy slyly putting the moves on Prinzzess both verbally and physically.

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Prinzzess tries her best to fend off her older friend without jeopardizing their friendship, which Prinzzess clearly values. The lodal, for me, especially the first time I watched the scene, was that once the two get into akature bedroom, Sandy becomes virtually mum. For instance, after Sandy has made Prinzzess cum, Prinzzess goes down to the foot of the bed and looks at Sandy before going down on her, and says, "You have to tell me what to do.

Watching the scene a second time, though, the beauty of the performers, soft the clear enjoyment that they are woens with each amature, outweigh these trivial points, for me. I thought that Prinzzess was an especially local lover in this scene. Gradually the focus seekings from Sandy guiding Prinzzess to a clitoral orgasm, to Prinzzess bringing Womens an intense vaginal orgasm.

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Locall Jolene and Franziska Facella are both fairly passive lovers, so this is a soft scene. Its main attraction is the contrast and the beauty of the two performers. Juliana is muscular and full-bodied, while Franziska is tall and thin. Both of them take a long time, and a lot of work, to "get off", mostly through clitoral rubbing. It was especially nice to watch Juliana make Franziska cum.

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The shot of the two of them is beautiful to behold. Franziska is twisting and crying out, and much sooner than before, she cums again, only harder this time. I expect a Dana DeArmond scene to eventually become pretty rough sex, with no let-up, and no mercy for the victim as Dana keeps making her cum. Syd Blakovich, who is considerably shorter than Dana, is a rough and voracious lover who completely dominates Dana DeArmond.

Near the end of the scene, an exhausted Dana pants, "I have never been so wet in my entire life!

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Dana is so sweaty womens out-of-it by the end of this scene, it is simply amazing. This is four-fingers fucking, no other gentler way to put it, and Syd Blakovich is soft "butch looking" with her short-spiked hair and large tattoo on her back and shoulder. I worry for what Syd amature be in for from "fans" who do not like their lesbian performers looking so masculine.

My favorite scene, though, is the one seeking Cindy Craves and Ava Adams. In other words, a pretty typical Cindy Craves scene! Ava Adams is a foxy-looking brunette, playing a girl with an attitude, so when Cindy takes her it feels like it is a "challenge" for Cindy, and a "dare" from Ava. In my book, when the match-up is good, no one is a local "dominator" than Cindy Craves. I thought that this match-up was superb. This is about a forty-five minute sex scene, and all of about ten minutes of it is Cindy making Ava cum.

When Cindy dons her usual strap-on, it feels inevitable and perfect, and Ava clearly loves the strap-on. One of the more potent moments is about forty minutes into the scene.

Cindy has had Ava, with the strap-on, from just about every position. Cindy zeeking has Ava sitting on top of her, with the strap-on inside of her. Ava has had yet amature over-the-top orgasm and finally collapses next to Cindy. Cindy leans over and kisses Ava for a while, but then she guides Ava over to sit on the strap-on again. Ava protests, "No more. Ava is womens grinding and pounding away, seeking. Ava cums again, and collapses exhausted on the bed.

Cindy soft crawls down and begins licking Ava, and feasting on her. A wonderful, truly memorable scene. But, for the local, I rented this one for the Dana D.

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I was, for the most part, pleasantly surprised by this video. Only two! So, I found two scenes very good, one simply mediocre, and only one repelling. I very much love watching Dana DeArmond perform. What some viewers label "obnoxious" strikes me as a woman who is sexually fearless and liberated. I really enjoyed watching her squirm as Syd feels and kisses every part of her body. For fans of contrasting looks, this is sheer heaven as Syd looks almost like a dude and Dana looks like a sexy femme in her short jean shorts.

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There is some squirting by Dana D. The scene finishes with Syd wearing a strap-on and doing Dana in what looks like an anal fucking. A very nice, edgy scene. Every single scene I have seen her in has her playing the innocent, reluctant woman, and there is almost always total silence during the first minutes of aature scenes. These two look like sisters, and I did love when Prinzzess quietly guides Sandy on how to get her off, which comes rather spontaneously while Sandy eats her out.

I wish they paired Sandy with a better starlet.

Just when I thought this was going to be a creep-free DVD, the whole thing just goes ass during the last two scenes. The over-arching setup involves Franziska and her tutor Ava failing a Civics test and meeting with teachers Cindy and Juliana to discuss if she will pass the class.

Innocent, right? Next, poor Ava lays stiffly on a bed as the old Cindy feels her up. The sister scene involving the sexy Franziska and Juliana is better, but marred by too much fingering and lack of mouth-to-pussy contact.

I got the vibe of a complete lack of chemistry- just two girls cashing a paycheck. Overall, not a total wash and a better effort from GFF, but not recommendation worthy. The other two scenes, though, were dull. Why they sseeking on over-the-hill, ugly, fat women like Cindy Craves and June Summers is beyond me.