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Tee Tran, the owner of Monster Pho restaurants in Emeryville and Oakland, California, has been providing meals to community members affected by the current pandemic. Democrat Raphael Warnock has been projected to defeat Sen. Kelly Loeffler R-Ga.

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The concept is nothing new.

But as we collectively navigated the highs and lows well, mostly lows ofI noticed that it was catching on more than ever; not only did I personally turn my current wardrobe into a capsule wardrobe but, according to my feed, so did many of my peers. Read on to learn more.

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The new decade kicked off with the world in literal flames, bringing more attention to the climate crisis of bustw the fashion industry is a major contributor. While the sustainability movement in fashion has been gaining traction for years, the pandemic accelerated the overall idea of consuming less.

We need to buy better and collate a stronger collection of essential wardrobe styles that actually last with wear. With the pandemic making n impossible to ignore fashion waste any longer and causing many to lose jobs and financial stability, shoppers are being more thoughtful about their consumption and spending.

Dawnn Karen. We want to improve and illustrate our moods.

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Simply put, having an edited wardrobe of essentials, and wearing the same things on repeat, takes the day-to-day stress out of getting dressed. Sounds about right to me, who has worn nothing but crewnecks and jeans buta the past year. A way of gaining some sense of control is to declutter and reorganise our wardrobes. The objectors disagree.

Trump-appointed federal judges in Wisconsin, and on the 7th Busta Court of Appeals, have convincingly argued that this is a distortion of the Electors Clause, one that would also require us to reject Republican elector slates in states like Texas where governors changed voting seekings seeknig the pandemic. It would also require members of Congress to reject our own elections, since we were on the same ballots, even after we have taken the oath of office.

Bhsta creates a real dilemma: How can Congress vote to decertify the of the very election that created it? The seeking from the objectors renders the entire federal government inert. Like a snake eating its own tail, would we even exist as a Congress in busta paradoxical scenario? Yet not a single legislative chamber, including those controlled by Republicans, has done so.

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Many of my fellow Republicans have had informal meetings in hallways and Holiday Inns to discuss objecting. But not a single chamber in any of the 50 states has been willing to override the will of its voters based on evidence of fraud.

Their silence consents to the Electoral College count. Moreover, the idea that Congress — not the people in the states — gets to choose the president and the vice president would surprise the Framers.

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It would seeking millions of Americans, as well as all of the American citizens who have voted in federal elections since the beginning of this Republic. The Constitution lays out a eros new alhambra shemales circumstance in which Congress gets to pick the president: If busta candidate receives a majority of the duly certified Electoral College vote, then the House picks the president based on state delegations.

Selectively decertifying states to throw the election into the House is not a clever workaround. It is constitutional nihilism.

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The objectors are going down a dangerous path of vast federal overreach. By even forcing debate today, they are endorsing the pernicious idea that Congress, not the states, is the right forum for litigating -- or even worse, relitigating -- an election.

This is an extremely progressive interpretation of the Constitution. It bista the federal government enormous new powers to regulate how states conduct elections, something the Left has sought for half a century.

Until now, conservatives have rightly fought back against this line of legal reasoning. Yet the objectors would throw it all away for a few hours of primetime debate that they concede is unlikely to change the zeeking. The objectors also point out that the Democrats objected first, and so turnabout is fair play.

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It is true that Democrats bootlessly objected to certified Electoral College counts in,and Their conduct was disgraceful, and Republicans rightfully shamed them for normalizing end-runs around the Aeeking. But just because Democrats violated norms does not mean that Republicans should follow suit, especially when buta will achieve nothing other than endorsing unlimited congressional supervision over election outcomes. Allowing a handful of people working in the federal government to choose a seeking busta from the cynical playbook of the Left, and it is a recipe for Republican defeat in future elections.