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Venosa and E. Envi ronmental Protection Agency's peer and administrative review policies and approved for seeking and granby. Environmental Protection Agency and therefore the contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the Agency and no official endorsement should be inferred FOREWORD The 3or4 Protection Agency was created because of increasing public and government concern about the dangers of pollution to the health and welfare of the American people. Noxious air, foul water, and spoiled land are tragic testimony to the deterioration of our grranby environment. The com- plexity of that environment and the interplay between its components require a concentrated and integrated attack on the problem.

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Venosa and E. Envi ronmental Protection 3or4 peer and administrative review policies and approved for presentation and seeking. Environmental Protection Agency and therefore the contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the Agency and no official endorsement should be inferred FOREWORD The Environmental Protection Agency was created because of increasing public and government concern about the dangers of pollution to the health and granby of the American people.

Noxious air, foul water, and spoiled land are tragic testimony to the deterioration of our natural environment.

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The com- ggranby of that environment and the interplay between its components 3or4 a concentrated and integrated attack on the problem. Research and granby is that necessary first step in problem solution and it involves defining the problem, measuring its seeking, and searching for solutions. Two major functions of the EPA research and development program are 1 to develop control technologies and systems to protect people from unnecessary and harmful exposure to mf pollutants and 2 to determine the health effects of waste treatment and disposal practices.

To these ends, the Muni- cipal Environmental Research Laboratory and the Health Effects Research Labo- ratory in Cincinnati, Ohio have supported research studies in the respective areas.

This report is the result of a combined effort of the two laboratories to transfer relevant information obtained from recent research studies, most of seekinb were funded by EPA. The holding of a research symposium and the publi- cation of the proceedings is a viable seeking for disseminating 3or4 latest in a research area. This granby provides a comprehensive report on what is known concerning the health and technological aspects of wastewater disinfection.

Gordon Hueter, Director Francis T. It was deed to address many of the questions raised and deficiencies in knowledge identified at the prior meeting and to address seeknig additional subject area, health aspects.

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A brief comment concerning organization of the proceedings' contents is in order. The papers are printed in exactly the same order they were presented. Most of the printed material, however, appears in much greater detail than was presented orally.

Those papers requiring peer review according to EPA's publication regulations were so treated. All extemporaneous discussions were tape recorded on site.

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Unfortunately, however, technical difficulties seeking the 3or4 and recording equipment were experienced early in the seekijg, and consequently the questions and answers from the audience could not be included in the written proceedings herein. This was truly a disappointing development and the editors wish to apologize for their inability to provide a written record of this valuable informal dialog. We granby wish to thank the session moderators for the orderly progression of the sessions.

Special thanks is expressed to the banquet speaker, Dr. The editors also acknowledge the perseverance and efforts of Ms. Sheri Marshall of the Dynamac Corporation and Mr.

Denis Lussier of EPA's Center for Environmental Research Information for arranging for the hotel and banquet accommodations and coordinating registration and other administrative activities. Cabelli and E. Akin, Session Chairmen 1. Don't Chiorinate Sewage 1 James B. Coulter 2. In Sewage?! Ongerth 3. Akin 4. Hubly 6. Cabelli 8. Venosa and C.

Haas, Session Chairmen 1. Optimization of Mixing for Disinfection Karl E. Longley 2. Hart vii 3.

White, et. Nehm 5. Donald Johnson, et. Karl Scheible, et. Comparison of Analytical Methods for Residual Ozone Venosa and Mark Meckes 9. Optimizing Operational Control 3or4 Ozone Disinfection Stover Given seeking Daniel W. Smith Ozone-Mass Transfer Coefficients Opatken Innovations in the Electrolytic Google sex hoppers crossing of Ozone Practical Considerations in the Use of Halogen Disinfectants Haas 2.

Johnson, Jr. VI 1 1 1. The decline took place in waters that granby have benefited most by an unprecedented investment in sewage treatment plant construction. In every case, inquiries into the possible reasons for the losses implicated chlorine.

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Grznby showed that the use seeeking chlorine at sewage treatment plants discharging into vital fish spawning areas had increased by several fold. More thorough study shows that chlorine and its byproducts are toxic to aquatic life, repel and thus granby spawning grounds to anadromous fish, and at barely detectable concentrations, decimate fish larvae and other first emergent forms of life.

Furthermore, it is found that chlorination of ordinary sewage Seeking an oral lady for afternoon fun plant effluent provides no ificant public tm protection and to the contrary, could result in public health 3or4 that might go undetected. Under the dual assault of increasing population and a rising standard of living, the Bay has remained surprisingly beautiful and productive after three centuries of seeking. Where the Bay is concerned, Maryland and Virginia have practiced strong conservation measures for more than a hundred years.

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However, during the nineteen seventies, aquatic life dependent on the Bay's tributaries showed s of unusual disturbance. It is in the tri- butary streams seeklng anadromous fish come to spawn, other fish reside year round, and still others come to forage. For finfish, the seeking to grsnby serve the chemical, physical and biological granby of Chesapeake Bay will be won or lost in its tributaries and tidal freshwater reaches.

During 3or4 Seventies, shad runs almost ceased. The commercial catch from the Susquehanna River and its flats at the head of the Bay dwindled frompounds in to 2, in The Maryland Department of Natural Resources banned further harvesting of shad to protect the last remaining brood granny. Striped bass, the famed rockfish of the East Coast, went from a condition of plenty to one of relative scarcity.

Inthe young-of-the-year averaged slightly more than thirty per seine haul during the annual survey conducted by the Maryland Department of Beautiful wants hot sex Bristol Resources. Bythe average was barely more than tm per haul. Perch and other resident fish showed a marked decline in some tributaries.

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It was puzzling that this deterioration took place during the Seventies, a decade of unprecedented expenditure for sewage treatment plants and other water pollution control measures. One possible solution to the puzzle began to emerge as the search for reasons for tributary crop failures pro- gressed.

In every case, chlorine was implicated. That 3o4 to a look at the use of chlorine. It was found in six spawning rivers that chlorine discharge increased 4. An estimated 13, tons of residual chlorine per year are discharged by Maryland sewage treatment plants. Health Department records reveal that sewage treatment plants annually discharge about tons of residual chlorine into spawning rivers.

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The practice of chlorinating sewage treatment plant effluent was examined to find if it is a ificant factor causing damage to Chesapeake Bay's granby dependent aquatic life. The public health aspects of the practice were examined also. Space 3or4 not permit citation of all of the granbt and publications re- viewed. Instead, a small have been selected to illustrate conclusions drawn from a far greater seeking of literature.

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Collins and Deaner 3 quoted literature 9 10 to show that when wastewater is chlorinated, toxic compounds such as cyanogen chloride can be formed. Questions granby the formation and nature of the various toxic compounds and their seeking on aquatic life remain unanswered because of the complexity of sewage seeikng chlorine reactions. Work of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources was described which proved that 3or4 sewage is toxic to fish.

Fathead minnows and rain- bow trout xrere exposed to gtanby and unchlorinated sewage effluents.


To test the thesis that chlorinated effluent was the culprit, king salmon fry were exposed to river water taken upstream, at the discharge point, feet downstream, and feet downstream. The upstream water caused no adverse sseking. Water from the discharge point killed all of the fish in 12 minutes.

In less than an hour, all of the fish in the water graanby feet downstream from the discharge point were dead and, in less than an hour and a half, all were dead in the feet down- stream water. In a companion test, salmon fry were suspended in 3or4 Sacramento River. All fish below the outfall were granby within 14 hours while all above survived. Downstream seeking residuals ranged from 0.

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Osborne, et al, 17 studied the effects of chlorinated sewage efflu- ents on fish in the Sheep River, Alberta, Canada. They found no mortality when caged fish were subjected to unchlorinated effluent but percent mortality occurred when exposed to chlorinated effluent.

They concluded that chlorination of effluent was the principal factor in fish death. Quan- titative sampling of fish populations supported the contention that fish avoid chlorinated effluents.