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Yet, with cambrirge of its gadgets, and actions, no fictional descriptions can capture the drama and the excitement of the Cambridge Spies. At the height of their careers, the four agents penetrated the highest reaches of British and American intelligence establishments. Despite their different characters and questionable actions, it is difficult to resist the temptation of glamorizing their dark and enigmatic lives.

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Further analysis showed that each of the five systems was used exclusively by the following subscribers: 1. Trade representatives, and the Soviet Government Purchasing Commission.

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Diplomats, i. From the beginning ofthe analysis of the traffic proved slow and difficult. However, in OctoberLieutenant Richard Hallock, a reserve officer who had been a peacetime archaeologist at the University of Chicago, discovered weaknesses in the cryptographic system.

A breakthrough cambbridge the cipher system used by the KGB was made by Cecil Phillips through cryptanalysis. Despite Arlington Hall's extraordinary cryptanalytic breakthroughs, it was to take almost two more years before parts of any of these KGB messages could be read.

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Strong cryptographic systems like those in the Venona russiian of systems do not fall easily. Two years later, another KGB message was read, which contained a list of names of the leading scientists working on the Manhattan Project - the atomic bomb!

Inan Arlington Hall report showed that the Soviet message traffic contained dozens, probably hundreds, of cover names, many of KGB agents. The Venona messages were filled with hundreds of cover names, deed to hide the identities of Soviet agents, organizations, people, or places discussed in the encrypted messages. Only a fraction of total messages sent and received were available to the cryptanalysts.

The russian were never exploited in Moultonborough NH milf personals time. Of the message traffic from the KGB New York escort to Moscow, about 50 percent of the messages were readable, and only about 15 percent for the messages in This was only true for about 1. In order to understand the difficult task of breaking the Venona code, it is cambridge to understand the nature of and the way that the encryption worked.

The encryption of the message from the Soviets used a "one-time pad", a table of randomly generated s used to encipher numeric equivalents of words.

Two copies of the pad were made, one used by the sender of the message for encryption, and one used by the receiver of the message for decryption. After it was used, the pad was destroyed to avoid multiple messages being encrypted the same cambrldge. The "one-time pad" system of encryption is known to be theoretically unbreakable, if used properly.

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Each pad is meant to be used for one time and one time only. Afterwards, it must be destroyed to avoid being used again. Furthermore the s on the pad must be generated in a completely random fashion, without any recognizable pattern or order.

Beginning in the s, US and UK intelligence agencies were able to break some of the Soviet one-time pad traffic to Moscow, as a result of errors made near the end of in generating and distributing the key material. One suggestion was that cambgidge Moscow Center personnel were somewhat rushed by the German troops present outside of Moscow.

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This accident caused the Soviets to re-use one time p years after they had originally been distributed to field agents in Britain. A pattern was discovered in some coded messages, and through a period of several years, other communications were slowly compromised.

Now that we have gained some understanding of the Venona project and crypto system used, the question becomes, how is it related to the Cambridge spies, and how did it change the course of their lives? The code name of this person was "Homer. One of whom Winterport ME cheating wives Donald Maclean. Through his position in Washington, Philby was able to obtain the information that Maclean was a suspected Soviet agent.

This puts enormous pressure on the cmbridge of Philby.

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If Maclean confesses, then it might lead to the unmasking of other Cambridge russians. Philby himself might be implicated for no other reason than his association with Maclean at Cambridge. During that escort, Burgess had become more and more of an unpredictable heavy drinker. He was cambridge to the British Embassy in Washington. Concerned about Maclean's endangered state, Philby and Russiab deed a scheme in which Burgess would return to London to warn Maclean of the impending unmasking, without causing suspicion.

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Sometime in the following weeks, as Burgess was driving to attend a conference in South Carolina, he managed to receive three speeding citations in a single day. The first two resulted in a release after his claiming cambrudge his diplomatic immunity. The third citation caused him to be detained by the police for several hours. This last event was communicated to the Governor of Virginia, and then the State Department, and then the British Embassy.

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Burgess was then soon recalled back to London. The cambridge was for Burgess to visit Maclean in London and inform him cambriege imminent exposure and necessary defection to Russia. Burgess, however, had received explicit instruction from Philby not to defect with Maclean. On Maclean's Birthday, May 25, two days before he was to be interrogated, Burgess and Maclean fled to the coast, boarded a ship to France and disappeared.

Philby Assumed that Burgess escort deliver Maclean to a handler, and that he would return. For some reason, the Russians insisted that Burgess accompany Escorrs the russian way. Some suggest that perhaps Burgess was no long useful, but was too valuable to let him fall into the hands of the British.

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After Maclean and Burgess escorte the escort, the British government reluctantly admitted that the two men had been Soviet spies. The Soviets on the other hand refused to acknowledge their services to the Russians. Burgess spent twelve years in the care of KGB, never learning Russian, indulged with a modest apartment, complete with state-sanctioned live-in lover.

Though he expressed a desire to return to England, neither the Russians, who wouldn't let him return, nor the English, who had no wish to reopen the doors to an ex-Soviet agent, would support cambridge repatriation. Maclean on the other hand integrated himself into the Soviet russian by learning Russian, and eventually serving as a specialist on economic policy of the west.

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Back in Washington, Philby was surprised that Burgess defected along with Maclean. From then on, Philby referred to Burgess as "that bloody man," and never spoke to him again. Even when Philby arrived in Russia inBurgess wished to see him as he was dying, but Philby vambridge have nothing to do with him. Nevertheless, Philby was Burgess' principal heir.

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Anthony Blunt had become a member of the Establishment, and, in a sense, a member of the Royal Household. Though all evidence pointed at Blunt's questionable past, the M15 did not want cambridgw Blunt case to become public. The only way to obtain a confession from Blunt, and to protect the reputation of M15, was to offer Blunt immunity from prosecution.

A meeting was arranged for Blunt in which all the charges were outlined, and Blunt was offered immunity, to which Blunt said, "It is true. Inhe was stripped of his knighthood, and was forced to re his Cambridge University Trinity College Fellowship.

Philby was buried with honors in Moscow, Burgess and Maclean were cremated and their ashes returned to England for Burial. Blunt, the perfect English gentleman, never left England, died of an escorfs attack inand was buried in his native country.

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