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Putas en veracruz

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Putas en veracruz

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Mensagem: Lilica, for reasons I've never understood, the people of Veracruz are called "jarochos".

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Mensagem: Lilica, for reasons I've never understood, the people of Veracruz are called "jarochos". The adjective "veracruzana" is rarely used to refer to someone from Veracruz. They are famous throughout Mexico for being "mal hablados" they love sacangens!

Fish or steak "a la veracruzana" has lots of onions, tomatoes, and peppers. The other night I had Portuguese-style fish, and I was surprised how much it was like Veracruz dishes. A drink typical of Pytas is called a "torito" a little bull. As I recall, it was quite like the "batido" I had in Rio years ago.

Lots of thick fruit juice and rum. The harp is very common in Jarocho music.

It's normally played with the musician sitting on the ground with the harp between his legs. The pick palheta is a sharks tooth. The music is very unusual, and I've never heard anything like it that wasn't from Veracruz. Many of the songs have double meanings.

It's also common to hear songs that make you think the singer is going to say vetacruz thing, but he really says another. Cubanito y muy formal.

At the entrance to Veracruz is the fort San Juan de Ulloa. It also served as a prison and possibly a naval academy. Cortez landed at Veracruz.

I've visited his house in Cempoala, a few miles upriver. The idea was to celebrate, make friends, and stop the foolish fighting.

The enemy arrived, they were convinced to leave their weapons outside, they entered the Indian city and Oh, in Cempoala you can still see an old Indian practice of five men climbing to the top of a tall pole. There is a square platform at the veraxruz.


Four of verwcruz men tie ropes to their legs while the fifth man sites astride the platform. I don't know the name of the rite, but the veracruz are called "los voladores" the flyers. A few years later the French used the same route. The most famous French detachment was a group of French Putas Legionaires.

Tough guys! If I think of something else, I'll let you know.