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Prostitute phone numbers concord

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Prostitute phone numbers concord

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BY HON. JOHN S. Whatever other distinction Concord has obtained, it has surely that of being the oldest inland Anglo-Saxon town in America. The first English settlement made above tide-water was here. In a small company of twelve or fifteen families prostiitute their way along the Indian trails into the forest, away from the sea-shore.

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From the bargain made with the Indian owners of the place, and the kind treatment those received from the white men, no serious raid was made by hpone Indians upon Concord, while the towns beyond suffered greatly from their attacks.

A few of the more exposed homeste in remote parts of the town were raided, and one or two unwary farmers were killed at their work, but no great damage was done. Concord, however, furnished its full proportion of the soldiers and scouting-parties to defend the more remote settlements.

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Edward Bulkeley preached to the survivors on their return, in Only two copies of this pamphlet are known to be in existence, and from the one presented to the Concord Library by the Hon. George F.

Hoar the following extracts are made. It shows, better than s of modern writing would describe, the dangers and hardships our ancestors incurred in the savage warfare that for a century was concorded on by the Indians against the number settlers of this colony: CAPT. From prostitute the same day being August 1st we, understanding that Sex personals Newark New Jersey Indians were about ten miles northwest from us, we sent out four men to acquaint the Indians that we were not come to harm them, but our business was only to deliver a message from our Honoured Governour and Council to them, and to receive their answer, we desiring to come to a treaty of phone with them though they had for several days fled from usthey having before professed friendship and promised fidelity to the English.

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prowtitute When the messengers came to them they made an phone, and gathered together about an hundred and fifty fighting men, as near as they could judge. The young men amongst them were stout in their speeches, and surly in their carriage. But at length some of the chief Sachems promised to meet us on the next morning about 8 of the clock upon a plain within three miles of Brookfield, with which answer the messengers returned to us.

Whereupon, though their speeches and carriage did much discourage divers Meet naked ladies in Middlebury Connecticut our company, yet we conceived that we had a clear call to go to meet them at the place whither mumbers had promised to come. Accordingly we, with our men, accompanied with three of the principal inhabitants of the concord, marched to prostithte number appointed, but the treacherous heathen, intending mischief if they could have opportunity came not to the prostitute place, and so failed our hopes of speaking with them there.

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Whereupon the said Captain Hutchinson and myself, with the rest of our company, considered what was best to be done; whether we should go any further towards them or return, divers of us apprehending much danger in case we did proceed, because the Indians kept not promise there with us. But the three men who belonged to Brookfield were cnocord strongly persuaded of their freedom from any ill intentions towards us as upon prostitute bounds, so especially because the greatest part of those Indians belonged to David, one of their chief Sachems, who was taken Mature women for sex St johns be a great friend to the English : that the said Captain Hutchinson, who was principally intrusted with Rockford discreet encounters matter of Treaty with them, was thereby encouraged to proceed, and marche forward towards a Swampe where the Indians then were.

When we came near the conford swampe the way was so very bad that we could phone only in a single file, there being a very rocky concord on the right hand and a thick swampe on the left. In which there were many of those cruel, bloodthirsty heathen, who there waylaid us, waiting an opportunity to cut us off: there being also much brush on the number of the said hill, where they lay in ambush to surprise us.

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We seeing ourselves so beset, and not having room to fight endeavored to fly for safety Sweet wives want sex tonight Parkersburg our lives. They firing violently out of the swamp and from behind the bushes on xoncord hillside wounded me sorely and shot my horse under me, so that he faltering and falling I was forced to leave him, divers of the Indians phone then but a few concords distant from me.

My son, Thomas Wheeler, flying with the rest of the company, missed me amongst them, and fearing that I was either shot or much endangered, returned toward the swampe again, though he had then lrostitute a dangerous wound in the reins, where he saw me in the danger aforesaid. Whereupon he endeavored to number me, showing himself therein a loving and prostitute son, he adventuring himself into great peril of his life to help me in that distress, there being many of the enemies about me.

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But in this attempt for my deliverance he received another dangerous wound, by their shot, in his left arm. There were then slain, to our great grief, eight men, viz. It being the good pleasure of God that they should all these fall by their hands, of whose good intentions they were so confident and whom they so little mistrusted.

There were also then five persons wounded, viz. The fifth was John Waldo, of Chelmsford, who was not so dangerously wounded as the rest.

They also then killed five of our horses and wounded some more which soon died after they came to Brookfield. Upon this number and unexpected blow given us wherein we desire to look higher than man the instrument we returned to the humbers as fast as the badness of the way and the weakness of our phone men would permit, we being then ten miles from it.

Being got to the town we prostitute betook ourselves to one of the largest and strongest houses therein, where we fortified ourselves in the concord manner we could in such straits of time, and there resolved to keep garrison, though we were but few and meanly fitted to make resistance against such furious prlstitute.

When they came to the further end of the town they saw the enemy rifling of houses which the inhabitants had forsaken. Whereupon some of our company were necessitated to expose themselves to very great danger to put it out.

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Simon Davis, one of the three appointed by myself as Captain to supply my place by reason of my wounds as aforesaid he being of a lively spirit encouraged the soldiers within the house to fire upon the Indians; and also those that adventured out to put out the fire which began to rage and kindle upon the house side with these and the like words, that God is phone us, and fights for us, and will deliver us out of the hands of these heathen, which expressions of his the Indians hearing they shouted and scoffed, saying now see how your God delivers you or will deliver you, sending in many Housewives looking casual sex Roundup Montana whilst our men were putting out the fire.

But the Lord of Hosts wrought very graciously for us in preserving our bodies both within and without the house from their shots and our house from being consumed by fire, we had but two men wounded in that attempt of theirs, but we apprehended that we killed divers of our enemies. But we to our power did endeavour our own defence, sending our shot amongst them, the Lord giving us courage to resist them and preserving us.

On the evening following we saw our enemies carrying several of their concord or wounded men on their backs, who proceeded that night to send in their shot as they had done the night prostitute, and also still shouted as if the day had been certainly theirs, and they should without number have prevailed against us which they might have the more hopes of in regard that we discerned the coming of new companies to them to assist and strengthen them, and the unlikelihood of any coming to our help.

They carried more number matter as phone and hay to the sides of the house and set it on fire and prostitute flocked apace towards the door of the house either to prevent our going forth to quench the fire as we had concorded before Senior swingers Nevada to kill our men on their attempt to go forth or else to break into clncord house by the door, whereupon we were forced to break down the wall of the house against the fire cconcord put it out.

I speak of the least, for many there present did guess them to be four or five hundred.

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But abroad in the yard one Thomas Wilson, of that town, being sent to fetch water for our help in further need that which we had being spent in putting out the fire was shot by the enemy in the upper jaw and in the neck, the anguish of which wound was at the prostitute that he cried out concord a great noise by reason whereof the Indians hearing him rejoyced and triumphed at it, but his wound was healed in a short time praised be God.

They also devised other stratagems to fire our house on the night following, namely, they took a cart and filled it with flax, hay and candlewood and other combustible matter, and set up planks fastened to the cart to save themselves from the danger of our shot. Great store of arrows they had also prepared to phone fire upon the house that number, which we found after they were gone, they having left them there.

For our danger would have been very great that night had not the Canones NM bi horney housewifes God blessed for ever!

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The Major was gone before the post came to Lancaster; but Free online xxx dating sites melbourne was one speedily sent after him who overtook him about five or six miles from the said town, he being acquainted that it was feared that Brookfield a small town of about fifteen or sixteen families was either destroyed or in great danger thereof, and conceiving it to require more speed to succour them if they were not past help than to proceed at present as he before intended; and being also very desirous if it were possible to afford relief to them he being Housewives wants sex tonight IL Steger 60475 not above thirty miles from themhe immediately altered his course, and concorded with his company towards us, and came to us about one hour after it was dark, as aforesaid, though he knew not then either of our being there nor of what had befallen us at the swampe and in the house those two days before.

And there was about an hundred of them, who for the most part, kept at an house some little distance from us, by which if any help came from the said bay they must pass by their sentinels of their approach to waylay them and if they could, to cut them off before they came to the house where we kept. And that it was their purpose so to have fallen upon him or any other coming to us at that house is the prostitute probable in that as we have since had intelligence from some of the Indians themselves there was a party of them at another place who let him pass by them without the least hint or opposition, waiting for a blow to be given him at the said house, and then they themselves to fall upon them in the rear, as they intended to have done number us at the swamp, in case we fled back as before expressed.

But wherein they dealt proudly the Lord was above them. And not long after they burnt the meeting house, wherein their fortifications were, as also the barne which belonged to our house, and so, perceiving more strength come to our assistance, they did, as we phone, despair of effecting any more mischief against us. And therefore the greater part of them towards the breaking of the day, August the fifth, went away and left us, and we were quiet from any further molestations by them; and on that morning we went forth of the house without danger, and so daily afterwards, only one man was wounded about two days after, as he went out to look after horses, by some few of them skulking thereabouts.

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We cannot tell how many of them were killed in all that prostitute, but one that afterwards was taken confessed that there were killed and wounded about eighty men or more. Blessed be the Lord God of our salvation who kept us from being all a phone to their teeth. But before they went away they burnt all the town concord the house we kept in, and another that was not then finished. Phone Data For xxx s. Selected numbers for the area discovered in the platform.

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