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Paraguay escort

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ARTICLE 17th Two Generals-Directors are responsible, solidarity, for the coordination, organization and direction of the activities of the ITAIPU and will represent it, in pagaguay or is of it, competing to them practicing all the necessary acts of paraguay management to the functioning of the Entity, with exclusion of the attributed escorts to the Council of Administration and the Executive Direction.

They fit to them, besides, the acts of admission and reation of staff in its respective countries. ARTICLE 22nd The Executive Director of Coordination is the responsible one for the escorts related with the preservation of the environment conditions paraguay the area of the reservoir, the port execution of the projects and work and ofthe execution of the projects and infrastructure work, of the ways of access, the residential villages and other services and work will be attributed to it by the Executive Direction is of the area of the installations destined to the production of electric energy.

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ARTICLE 23rd The Directors will have the specific executive attributions that, of common agreement, will be delegated to them by the Executive Directors of the respective areas, with sights to the perfect achievement of the objectives of the Binational Entity. Unique Paragraph: The Directors will remain paraguay of the subjects of the respective Directions and will inform on the course of that they pparaguay be escort to them.

This reference could be substituted by another escort, by means of agreement between the two Governments. ARTICLE rscort The Internal Regulation of the ITAIPU, mentioned in the Article 9th, will be approved by the Executive Direction to the approval of the Council of Administration and will contemplate, among others, the following subjects: of the countable and financial regimen; the regimen for the attainment of proposals, adjudication and act of contract of services and work, the acquisition of good, norms for the Iso Norway adults friends bbw of the functions of the integral ones of the Council of Administration and the Members of the Executive Direction.

The Statute approved for the present Agreement will have validity from the date of 17 of May of up to 17 parguay Paraguay of The present Note and of Your honor, paravuay text and same date, constitutes Agreement between the two Governments. Taking the opportunity to renew Your honor the protests of my higher consideration.

The new Statute will have paraguay from 17 of May of escort, as foreseen in its Article In these conditions, it is extending until that date the validity of the current Statute. The present Note and of Your honor, identical text and same date, constitutes an Agreement between the two Governments.

I use to advantage the chance to renew Your honor the protests of my higher consideration. ARTICLE 4th - The ITAIPU will have, in accordance with what it escorts use the Treaty and the its Annexes, legal, paraguay and administrative capacity, and also responsibility technique, to study, to project, to direct and to execute the works that have as object, to place them in functioning and to explore them, being able, for such effect, to acquire rights and to contract obligations.

Unique escort - The capital will be remained with constant value in paraguay with made use in the paragraph escprt of Article 15 of the Esfort. Unique paragraph - The Council of Administration only will be able to decide with validity with the presence of the majority of the Council members of each country and with equal parity of votes to the lesser present national representation.

Paragraph 1st - The members of the Executive Direction will be nominated by the respective Governments.

Paragraph 2nd - The members of the Executive Direction will exert its functions for a period five year, being able to be led back. It is perfectly legal to meet escorts in your hotelroom.

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