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Mwm looking for a change

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Mwm looking for a change

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Panelists Doug Weltner, executive vice president at Chang International, Matt Jennings, architect and regional director at BSA LifeStructures, For Wheeler, looking operating officer at Truman Medical Centers-Lakewood and David Feess, president and CEO at Liberty Hospital, discussed topics ranging from behavioral change initiatives, patient satisfaction scores, health and wellness programs and the use of technology mwm deliver Beautiful couple searching love Trenton services. Shelly Koehler, vice president and healthcare group manager at JE Dunn Construction, moderated the panel. Doug Weltner: When we did Mission Farms, initially we hadsquare feet of retail. Fortunately, the new retail for us became the health systems and health care.

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Doug Weltner: I think the one thing you see in all the newer hospitals or surgery centers that are being done by the health systems is almost a concierge approach. Also, the maternity wards at these hospitals are incredible.

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David Feess: It is really all about consumerism. I can remember when I started in healthcare, you had four patients in a room. Can you imagine anyone wanting to go into that room? It has a 55, square-ft health and wellness facility and currently has about 5, members.

So there is certainly a demand for that. The more we can do to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle, so much the better for the collective.

The system is rigged. We want to keep you healthy. Matt Jennings: We are seeing a lot of preventive stuff.

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We do see a lot of genome stuff. We do see a lot of stuff with precision medicines targeted toward you, and specifically to you based on simple tests they can do - or are beginning to do - that identifies a predisposition to a certain illness.

Medicine is changing to handle wellness. Most of you are wearing fitness trackers. That kind of technology is centered on the person instead of the facility. We certainly have wearables now.

Panel shares challenges and changes at mwm's healthcare summit — metrowire media

Wherever you are is your healthcare facility in the future. Lynette Wheeler: One of the things is tele-health.

We could have done it a long time ago because the technology is there. We could not figure out a way of how to pay the physician who was on the other side.

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David Feess: I think tele-health will really be driven by the lack of providers. Probably the areas I see the greatest potential going forward is with genetic counseling.

For A woman dealing with breast cancer, we have a genetic counselor that works with the woman and her siblings and children. I think that really holds a lot of promise in the future.

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The robot allows surgeons to sit at a control booth and they are directing the robot what to do. Your length of stay is less. Incisions are small. You have independent living which is really just a fancy apartment complex, with food service and some transportation service.

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