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Mistress gwen freestorm

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Mistress gwen freestorm

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Unfortunately, due to a lot of hassles and personal circumstances her web site is no longer active and if she does any playing now, it is privately. Here below is a selection of images from her web site and I hope you enjoy them a lot.

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Relationship Status: Dowager
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Hair: Black
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To me, it just seemed practical to use what was available to further my interests.

Having an ambitious nature, there was always plenty to get done. I began asing projects and timelines to admiring boys who seemed to be willing to do almost anything I asked. Often they were hanging around looking for any little bit of my attention.

I would ridicule them when they annoyed or displeased me to find that they would blush and flounder to satisfy my whims. My girlfriends and I found this phenomena to be hilarious and was the topic of endless cruel jokes.

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Later that night I talked him into letting me tie him up. My mistress and I could see his arousal and took his helpless situation twen the next level. So we pulled down his pants and teased him relentlessly. I spanked his bottom with a hard cover book until it was Milfs big Mookgophong pink. Freestorm put a pair of dirty panties in his mouth and left him there for several gwens while we drank the beer and enjoyed our new found power.

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When we woke up he was still tied, sleeping. So we freed him and scampered off giggling about our little secret. To this day, he is hopelessly devoted to me. As the years passed my adolescence revealed an inclination toward the kinkier types of mixtress.

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I found that I was easily bored with the usual dating practices of my peers. Most of my time was spent at the barn riding horses.

Chance encounters of various scenarios came and went. But my awareness of the heightened excitement with partners willing to submit to my demands was continuing to develop.

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It was fun to dress up my boyfriend like a sexy girl, with all the clothes and makeup, shaving his maleness away. One boy in particular would pay me to pee in his mouth.

Another would do things to annoy me into beating him up. Now, twen I see him sitting on the school board, I think about how he would pursue me to push him down.

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It was all perfectly natural misttress me and mistress fun. Later as a young woman I gwen freestomr men seemed inordinately interested in me. I found them coming to the barn where Freestorm worked to watch me train horses. They asked questions about how it felt to control such large and powerful animals. I got lots of comments on my skills with the rope and how I looked in my tight leather training chaps.

They would comment on how intimidating I looked with a whip in my hand. I knew I had something special.

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It seemed so obvious to me what they wanted and I took great amusement in their antics to get me to respond to them. As a result, the lifestyle found me.

It delighted me to find that there were others who shared my proclivities. I loved all the new ideas for kinky play that I was learning. It was just a natural progression of events that led me to the profession.