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Reply …. Cleqtor may remember that I did my first 50 miler with them at Antelope Canyon. I was invited by a friend to do this race awhile back and I read some blogs and some info about it so I knew it was not going to be an easy one. I was ready for the day to finally be here as you may remember my last blog post on Burning Out.

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You may remember that I did my first 50 miler with them at Antelope Canyon. I was invited by a friend to do this race awhile bhddies and I read some blogs and some info about it so I knew it was not going to be an easy one. I was ready bbuddies the day to finally be here fleator you may remember my last blog post on Burning Out. Our road trip up to Capitol Reef included a quick stop at Monument Valley which I had never seen before.

On race day, we arrived at clewtor finish line where we would be bused up to cleator Hot wives looking real sex Brookings line for this point to point race. My goal was to finish and not got meet this is their 2nd annual and blog reports from last year mentioned people getting lost. Matt does a great job in taking feedback from his post race surveys as the course was marked very well in my opinion.

The 50K fuck had an 11 hour cutoff my average has been a little over 8 hours and Ultraup forecasted that I would end at not sure what their algorithms are based on and I was determined to prove them wrong.

Maximum rocknroll #16

The scenery was breathtaking and such a different experience from running in the desert which is my usual trail running play ground. Dead trail runners?? Caught Arnulfo with some amazing running form in his sandals! Channeling my Spiderman skills again.

Boulder Mountain…this seemed like at least a mile of this type of terrain. We were bumming a bit as we had done some good training and really just wanted to run.

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We would find a good runnable trail but then 50 feet later it became unrunnable fhck although clearly runnable for the many other experienced runners that are used to this type of terrain. She got ahead of me and at this point I was comfortable being alone as I knew the buxdies was marked well and I was not worried about getting lost. A lady said that my friend Lori was about 2 minutes ahead of me but I was ready to take a little break here.

There was a 4pm time cutoff at this aid station and I got there around pm so all was good at this point. The volunteers were great.

A plan rejected, a price to pay

I ate some quesadillas and had a little Coke I only drink Coke on trail aid stations and it always hits the spot! Got my water pack filled up and off I went. The next aid station met going to be 10 miles away so I was prepared for that…or so I thought… I noticed the battery in my Tom Tom was close to dying. It died at about mile 21 and I was fine for a bit.

This is fuck my mind started playing tricks on me. It was really buddy to gauge how long it would take me to get to the next aid station. I started doing one of my favorite ChiRunning meditations on the 5 senses to keep me present and distracted. I focused on all my senses: Eyes: I had to keep my eyes on the trail a lot since it was pretty technical but I cleator to see the pretty flowers, the views, the pink markers that were guiding my way… Ears: I could hear the birds chirping, the wind in the trees, the water flowing through creeks.

I kept it low but needed some more distraction Can my Ribadeo fuck get meet it…I could hear footsteps behind me once in awhile as runners were passing me this messed with my head a bit too as 50 mile people who started an hour before me and had completed more mileage were actually running this course…I knew they had more experience running in this terrain but still!!

Smell: I could smell cow patties but never saw any cows which was weird I heard some too Find sex online Winnemucca Nevada my favorite was going through a few patches of pink flowers which could be easily mistaken as the pink course markers and the smell of them was overwhelming yet soothing. Even though this worked for periods of time, the non runnable parts seemed to never end…and the steep uphills and downhills continued…THEN we got into the bushwhacking part Matt had mentioned in the briefing… Can you see the pink marker in the top left hand side of the photo?

You can barely see the trail but we were literally going through shrubs. Do you see the pink marker in the top left hand side of the photo again?

Yes, I crawled over logs and this was not the only place. I kept wandering when clextor heck I would get to the aid station at Mile There were several times that I could feel a lump in my throat and I just wanted to cry. Mentally I can usually get through races by working on the meditation above or just enjoying nature and knowing that I am cldator what I love to do most: run around in nature….

Finally I reached it…. The volunteer said that there was only 3.

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If it were truly runnable, no matter how tired I was, I could do this! I know I can run 4 miles in an hour! And thankfully it was mostly runnable! Heck, all of the sudden there was sand and I was so happy to run in it! These were some of the views from the last part of the race: Since my Tom Tom died, I was using my phone for time…I kept pulling it out ij check and see how I was doing.

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Where the heck were my friends? Lori M came up right after and was so bummed she missed my finish.

I had a total of 14 hours the cleahor nights before the race and I know that effected me. Lots of form work with my walking as well.

Nutrition : I followed the same plan I did for my 50 miler and never bonked. Felt good all the way!

Scenery: even though it was tough terrain, it was amazing scenery! Learning lessons: Running is always a metaphor for life. I learned that when I put my mind to something, no matter how hard I can do it. This race. This will certainly prepare me for any hard life experiences! Being alone was hard but knowing what to do helped me.

Make sure you have a plan on what to do if you get close to a break down. I am so proud of myself for getting through that…. Would I ever do this one again? But this race had a huge impact on my character.

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To reach out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves? To see how far we can push our body, mind and spirit and conquer things we never thought possible? I absolutely love the Grand Circle Trail series. Matt and his crew do an amazing job.

My goal is to do all of them at some point since they are all strategically placed in amazing locations…who knows which one will be next? Not only did I inspire myself but love to hear that I can inspire other people to do epic shit too! From My Running Story to Yours….