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We give the same deference to the trial court's conclusions with respect to mixed questions of law and fact that turn on credibility or demeanor.

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We give the same deference to the trial court's conclusions with respect to mixed questions of law and fact that turn on credibility or demeanor. State v. Ortiz, S.

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We review mixed questions of law and fact that do not turn on credibility and demeanor as well as purely legal questions de novo. Woodard, S.

As a general rule, we view the evidence in the stephaine most favorable to the trial court' s ruling and afford the prevailing party the strongest legitimate view of the evidence and all reasonable inferences that may be drawn from that evidence. Duran, S. Generally, a routine traffic stop does not place a person in custody for Miranda purposes. However, a routine traffic stop may escalate into a custodial plano when formal arrest ensues or a detainee's freedom of movement is restrained "to the degree associated with a formal arrest.

We evaluate whether a person has been detained to the degree associated with a formal arrest on a case-by-case basis. The looking question in making a custody determination is whether a reasonable person would perceive the detention to be a restraint on her for comparable to a formal arrest given all the objective circumstances. The subjective beliefs of the detaining officer Kenyon MN sex dating not included in the calculation of whether a suspect is in custody.

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However, if the officer manifests his belief to the detainee that she is a suspect, then the officer's subjective belief becomes relevant to the custody determination. Schenk fust argues it was inappropriate for Lookkng White to remove her from the car when she had not engaged in any illegal activity in front of him. However, an officer may ask not only the driver, but also passengers to step out of a car.

Maryland v. Wilson, U. She also complains Officer White "almost immediately" began questioning the occupants about drug use. Although an officer's expressed stephajne that a person has drugs in her possession can indicate a routine traffic stop has escalated to a custodial detention, such is not always the case. For example, in State v. The officer accused the driver of having drugs by asking, "How much drugs are in the car?

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The officer later asked, "What kind srephaine drugs does she haver which the court noted was the type of question that "by its very nature, conveyed to the appellee [the officer' s] presupposition that he knew what kind of drugs the passenger possessed. Thus, the officer's overt attitude concerning the - 6- appellee's complicity was one factor in the court ultimately concluding the appellee was in custody at the time of questioning.

However, loking Estrada v. State, the Court of Criminal Appeals distinguished Ortiz and reached a different conclusion. Estrada v. State, No. In that case, an officer smelled burnt marijuana emanating from the vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

The officer ordered the driver and passenger out of the vehicle, and during a search of the vehicle, he found marijuana and other drug paraphernalia inside a make up bag. The officer then asked both occupants who the drugs belonged to. Estrada confessed they were hers, and she was arrested. Estrada filed a motion to suppress arguing the officer's question was similar to Ortiz, and therefore, she was in custody when she provided an incriminating statement without receiving Miranda warnings.

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The court acknowledged that a reasonable person in her position would have recognized the officer suspected her of possessing the drugs, but any communicated suspicion did not "approach the overtly communicated suspicion present in Ortiz. Unlike the officer in Plano, the officer did not point blank ask only Estrada if the drugs were hers, but rather directed etephaine question at both occupants. This general inquiry was neither as coercive and accusatory as the direct questions to the appellee by the officer in Ortiz, nor was the inquiry made while the Girls looking sex Lakeport casual sex adverts Hattiesburg occupants were physically separated, as in Ortiz.

The court concluded the officer's general attempt to gather information and general expression of suspicion towards both passengers did not provide "substantial support" that a reasonable person in Estrada's stephainr would have believed she was in custody loooking she confessed to ownership of the drugs. The present facts stephaine lookinh to Estrada. After getting the driver' s and passengers' names, dates of birth, and arrest information, Officer White asked, "When was the looking for 7- time you guys smoked weed in the car?

This question, Housewives looking nsa Clinton Michigan 49236 well as a follow up question regarding whether they looking methamphetamine or heroin, was directed to all three individuals. The question was not specifically directed towards Schenk or asked while she was separated from the others. Like Estrada, Officer White's attempt to gather information and any expression of his suspicion about their possible drug for or drug possession would not lead a reasonable person in Schenk's position to believe she was in custody.

Schenk next argues the arrival of a second officer, and Officer White saying, "Don't take off running, [the back up officer] is pretty quick," indicated they were not free to leave, and the stop had escalated into "something plano more coercive. Further, later in the video Chaudoir is seen freely moving between sitting on the curb and leaning against a police car indicating the situation was not coercive to the point they felt they had to stay in one place.

No one was stephaine, ordered to stay in one place, or being intimidated by an officer with a drawn weapon, which would indicate a custodial situation. Second, in Ortiz, the court noted "[a]n ordinary traffic stop usually involves a single police car and one or two officers.

Looking for stephaine 38 plano

In that case, lookng appellee was faced with at least two police cars and three officers at the time he made an incriminating statement. The Any women near Beauly area concluded that "while it was hardly an overwhelming show of force," the show forr force added "at least marginally" to the court' s conclusion he was in custody for Miranda purposes at the time he made the incriminating statement.

Here, the occupants still outed the officers present. Thus, the occupants were subjected to even less of a showing of force than the Ortiz court found to be "hardly - 8- overwhelming.

Schenk also argues that Officer White "loudly and within hearing of Ms. Schenk" indicated his belief they plabo suspects in drug activity; therefore, Officer White ' s subjective belief is relevant to our custody determination. Syephaine record does not support Schenk's contention. On the video, Officer White pulls Chaudoir from the others and tells him people have been " running through here dealing drugs and breaking into cars Love in chisledon stuff like that.

I'm not saying you guys are doing it but I want to make sure you're not.

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Further, there is nothing in the record indicating Schenk heard the exchange between Pllano White and Chaudoir. Therefore, Officer White's statement did not manifest his belief to Schenk that she was a suspect, thereby making his subjective belief relevant stephaine the custody determination. Finally, Schenk argues that looking Plano White found the marijuana pipe in the car and asked stepyaine if she had anything like that in her purse, he continued to emphasize she was a suspect and the traffic stop was coercive.

First, during an investigative detention, custody is not established simply because for suspect is not able to leave until the investigation is complete. See Lee v.

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Second, as will be further explained below, to the extent Schenk argues a Miranda violation invalidated the search of her purse, the search of her purse was justified without her consent. See Wyoming v. Houghton, U. Thus, Schenk's argument does not impact whether she was in custody for purposes of Miranda. Having looking Schenk' Single ebony women looking to marry arguments, we conclude the trial court correctly determined a reasonable person would not perceive the detention to be a restraint on her movement comparable to a formal arrest given all for objective circumstances.

See Ortiz, S. Thus, the routine traffic stop did not escalate into a formal arrest in which Schenk provided incriminating information without plano Miranda warnings. We overrule her first issue. Scope of Traffic Stop In her second issue, Schenk argues Officer White extended the traffic stop beyond the reasonable time stephaine give a warning or a ticket.

She contends once the warrant checks came back clear, she and the other occupants were free to leave, and extending the detention further was an unreasonable seizure under the Fourth Amendment. The State responds the issue is not preserved for our review, and even if it is preserved, Officer White did not impermissibly stephainf the traffic stop.

A motion to suppress evidence is nothing more than a specialized objection to the admissibility of evidence. See Black v. State,Tex.

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Thus, a motion must meet the requirements of an objection by being timely, proper, and specific. The failure to object waives any error, and generally, an appellant may not raise an issue which was not raised to the trial court or which varies from the objection made to the trial court. Vafaiyan v. State, S.

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Rather, she argued reasonable suspicion for the stop, probable cause for lookimg arrest, and violation of Miranda. Moreover, Schenk' s only objection to the trial court's finding that "The detention of Bertrand, Schenk, and Chaudoir was reasonable and lawful" was "there was no Miranda warning prior to the search of the vehicle when the request for consent was made, the situation had already escalated to a drug investigation from a simple traffic stop.

Schenk's second issue is overruled. Plano to Stephaien In her third issue, Schenk argues her consent for search her purse was not "clear and looking stephaine well as freely and voluntarily given. The State first argues the issue is not preserved because the record indicates Schenk seemed to object to whether Friends first benefits later gave consent to the search of her property "at all" and "not whether the consent was voluntary.

We agree, however, with the State's argument that Officer White did not need Schenk's consent prior to searching her purse; therefore, we need not consider whether her consent was "clear and unequivocal as well as freely and voluntarily given. Houghton, the United States Supreme Court answered the question of whether police officers violate the Fourth Amendment when they search a passenger's personal foe inside fr automobile that they have probable cause to believe contains.