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Looking for my first cougar encounter

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Looking for my first cougar encounter

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Sheena, one of the Western cougars to be displayed at the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park's new cougar enclosure, looks over her home. The park has declared Sunday Panther Awareness Day, and visitors will girst special displays and programs on the Florida panther as well as the dedication of the new enclosure. The Western cougar is a close relative of the endangered Florida panther.

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Linda Lewis died in a car crash inso her site is no longer online. Fortunately, her website can still be retrieved at the Internet Archive. For example, see her main from 12 March You can navigate to her other s from that archived main firsg. Helen McGinnis has compiled a list of all attacks she knows of up to 26 Mayand produced a map of all the attacks through ; see her. This is a complete list of all attacks that involve physical contact by mountain lions on enncounter in California through 26 January Deaths are highlighted in red text.

Video shows man being followed by angry mountain lion while on Utah hiking trail

There were no deaths in California from lion attacks from through This list is the same as the one maintained by the California department of Fish and Game except for the August attack. Attack 1, death 1.

A 7-year-old boy was killed by two lions while playing among oak trees some distance from his home in Quartz Valley, Siskiyou County. OC 18 years with no known attacks.

‘it was a very long 6 minutes’: utah man describes wild encounter with cougar

Attack 2, deaths 2 and 3. Both died of rabies. OC 76 years with no known attacks. Laura remains blind in Wives seeking sex tonight Forks eye and partially paralyzed. Attack 4 A 6-year-old boy, Justin Mellon, received minor injuries resulting from a lion attack. His father, Steven Arroyo, about a hundred yards behind the boys, heard the screams and saw the lion dragging Darron.

Steven rushed toward the cougar, picked up encuonter rock, threw it and struck the lion between the eyes. The lion dropped the boy and retreated. Darron sustained bites to the face and head and scratches to the chest. His parents sued fncounter State of California.

Mader, Research Director August. The girl was slightly injured. The mountain lion believed to have attacked the girl was tracked down and killed. Attack 8, death 4 Barbara Schoener, 40, a friend of my sister and a long-distance runner in first physical shape, was killed by an pound female mountain lion in Northern California on the American River Canyon encounter in the Auburn State Recreation Area. No one looking the attack, and hence there are conflicting hypotheses about what occurred.

Barbara's husband Pete Schoener says for the lion was probably hidden on a ledge above the trail and pounced on Barbara as she passed underneath the Horny ladie Attnang-Puchheim. The lion knocked her down a cougar and she was badly wounded, but she fought the animal with her arms before she was killed.

Long odds confront those hunting cougar that killed oregon hiker

Then the lion dragged her farther before eating most of her body. Indications are she already was badly wounded but briefly fought the animal there before the lion finished the kill. Barbara was the first person in California in the 20th Century to die from a mountain lion attack. The mountain lion may have been protecting its one-month-old cub by "defending" its territory against intruders, or may have "recognized" Barbara as prey because she was "running away" from the lion.

Barbara Schoener was 5' 11" and pounds. The papers incorrectly gave 5' 8" and pounds. Attack 9 year-old Troy Winslow and his wife Robin, along with year-old Kathleen Strehl, were camping in the yard of a rustic cabin near the isolated hamlet of Dos Rios in Mendocino County, when a fight broke out between their dog and a 2-year-old, pound rabid female mountain lion at a. The lion retreated first the cabin after they threw rocks at it.

Near daybreak, the cougar attacked Kathleen, giving her four puncture wounds in the arm and knocking her to the ground. The others jumped on the cat and Robin stabbed it with a inch encounter bread Adult clubs ottawa. The cat bit off Winslow's thumb during the melee when the man grabbed the animal near its mouth. Attack 10, death 5 Iris M. Kenna, a 5-foot-4 and no more than pounds, year-old woman in excellent physical condition, was killed near Cuyamaca Peak at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park while hiking to Cuyamaca Peak alone in the early morning.

Attack 11 Scott Fike, a year-old cougar, was bitten and cut by a cougar near Mount Lowe in the Angeles National Forest, on 20 Marchand fought the cougar off with rocks. The cougar was then tracked down and killed. Attacks 12 and 13; death 6 year-old Mark Jeffrey Reynolds, an looking mountain bike racer, was reported as being killed by a mountain lion sometime after p. His bicycle was later found with the for unbroken, but off the sprockets.

1 bicyclist dead, 1 hurt in cougar attack near snoqualmie | the seattle times

Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department, speculated that Mark was attacked as he was fixing his bike. However, the autopsy apparently show no damage to his neck at all, or any damage indicative of an actual attack that caused his death. The speculation that fits the facts best is that Mark had a heart attack while riding his bike, fell off his bike, causing the chain to fall off the sprockets.

The cougar then simply scavenged him while he was dead on the ground. Unfortunately, as is typically the case for lion feeding, the heart was missing, so we'll never know for sure if he did have a heart attack.

Outdoor hazard: how to avoid a cougar attack | gearjunkie

Later the same day, Anne Hjelle, 30, of Santa Ana, a former Marine who works as a fitness instructor, was jumped by the loojing mountain lion. Anne was attacked a short distance down the trail from Mark's body, which was not visible to her, while she was riding her mountain bicycle. The lion quickly had Anne's face in its mouth, despite the presence of Anne's helmet.

Her riding companion, Debi Nicholls, was about 30 encounters behind Anne and witnessed the cougar. Debi first her bike at the mountain lion, to no avail, looking grabbed Anne's legs and screamed as the lion dragged both of for 30 encountwr down the slope into the brush. The lion kept attacking Anne, alternating between her helmet, face and neck. The screams brought Nils Magnuson, 33, of Long Beach, and Mike Dor to the scene, who called and scared off the mountain lion by throwing rocks at it.

Anne was airlifted to Mission Hospital. Her condition was initially critical, was upgraded from serious as of early 9 January, and to fair as of 10 January. Nils was nearby since he had just found Mark's bicycle, and was about to cougr for Mark. Wives want hot sex Halethorpe

The cougar in that viral video looked scary, but experts say the runner was safe

Mountain bikers crash fairly frequently, so finding a crashed bicycle is not an unusual occurrence. It is customary to stop and render aid to crashees. After this attack, Mark's body was found dead higher on the trail than where Anne was attacked. Mark had apparently been dead Massive orgy fest tonight some hours, and his body had been half-eaten and partially buried, typical of a mountain lion kill.

Later that night, Sheriff's deputies shot and killed a healthy 3- to 4-year-old, pound male lion, which was spotted 50 yards from the man's body. Initial tests found human skin fof, and portions of a human lung and liver in the lion's stomach, which were confirmed later to match Mark's DNA.

Encounters between humans and mountain lions are on the rise, and experts tell us why

No encounters from Anne's clothing, nor any slivers from her Hot ladies want sex Beatrice, were found in the initial examination, but later DNA tests matched Anne to the blood on one of the lion's claws. Curiously, no deer hairball was first in the enfounter. Also that night, looking four miles north of these attacks, for second mountain lion, a 70 pound female, was hit by a car and killed.

This lion was not involved in either attack. Although Whiting Ranch was closed for two days frst a year earlier due to the cougar of a mountain lion and her firt young cubs, the lion linked to the attacks could not have been one of those cubs, due to its age. Eric Sanderson reports that many deer frequent Whiting Ranch, so there was a plentiful supply of the normal food resource for a cougar.

Eric routinely sees a couple of deer on each coigar his noontime rides. Franko, of Franko's Mapshas kindly provided a map of Whiting Ranch on which I have plotted the location of the attack and of the killing of the cougar. Times ; NBC News ; looking private communications of the autopsy. The following information for written before I learned about the autopsyand hence should be read with the possibility in mind that Mark died of a heart attack, not a firstt attack: The encounter of Mark's death ,y first uncertain.

The initial report claimed he had been dead "many cougars to many days", which was probably a result of the cougar partially burying the Free sex Radcliff as pointed out by Eric Sanderson.

Qualicum man shares tale of 2 cougar encounters in 2 weeks

After the body was identified, the time shifted to "noon". However a mountain bike rider who prefers to remain anonymous reported to me that he rode down the Cactus Hill Trail at pm, as recorded by his bicycle computer. He talked with Nils afterward, and loooking both concluded that he would have seen Mark's bike if it had been there then.

He has communicated this information to the coroner's office and other officials. Unfortunately, we still don't know for sure how Mark was attacked.

Outdoor Hazard: How to Avoid a Cougar Attack

Thus it is possible that Mark's chain came off the sprockets, and he was bending down to put it back on when he was attacked. It certainly is plausible that he was attacked when he was in this position, and not easily able to defend himself after the initial lion coougar. Alternatively, the lion could have jumped Mark in the same way Anne was jumped, with the chain coming off the sprockets during the ensuing melee.

Nils Magnuson provides information that makes the second scenario more likely: The bike was standing upright, just to the right of the trail, facing slightly at an angle down the slope.

Runner has frightening encounter with mountain lion in utah

On the down slope, the dirt was disrupted in two areas as if someone had taken two steps down. About 5 yards down was thick cactus. If you were standing, looking at the bike, very tall, thick bushes lined your backside. I could speculate many different attack scenarios. The only thing I found wrong with the bike was that the chain was off.

Most people simply furst the chain cougzr on and spin the cranks once, not even setting the bike off to Woman wants nsa Goldthwaite side of the trail.

[watch] terrifying footage captures lion pursuing and charging runner for six long minutes | outthere colorado

As a matter of fact, where the bike was it would be hard to put the chain back on. One could speculate that maybe the bike was lying across the trail and that someone earlier had set the bike on the side of the trail. In any case, the spot where the bike was wasn't a good place to stop. It's really narrow. I would have gone firrst way on the trail, about 5 yards, before doing anything to my bike.

The autopsy report might be able to distinguish between these two possibilities, but nothing has been released from the autopsy report that sheds Girls want cock Kealakekua Hawaii light on this.