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Looking for columbia in bakers

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As Russian immigrants, Jacob and Tama came to the United States for the same reasons as many others: to escape persecution and to embrace opportunity. Bythe Rivkins had a fourth child, Lewis, and Jacob had started his own business.

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Baker Bay - from the "Coast Pilots" The U.

Coast Survey "Coast Pilot": " The western and largest stream is the Wal-la-khut; the eastern, half-way between the cape and Chinook Point, is the Wap-pa-loo-che. Two or three houses on the shore of the bay, and a saw-mill, are all that remain of the settlement once deated as "Pacific City".

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The bay was named in honor of Captain Baker, whom Broughton found anchored here in the schooner Jenny, of Bristol, when he entered. The western shore of this bay is the east side of the Cape for nearly three miles in a general northerly direction; thence the shore sweeps to the eastward and southeastward for six miles to Chinook Point.

The latter stretch of shore is low, bordered by extensive marshes, and receives the waters of the Wallacut and the Chinook Rivers. The Wallacut River Wal-la-khut enters at the northernmost bend of the bay shore; it is a small stream coming through marshes from the direction of Shoalwater Bay, which it very nearly reaches.

Economic impact

The Chinook River Wap-pa-loo-chee enters two miles farther to the eastward; it has more character of a slough, three or four miles long. Baker Bay is a shoal, open bight eastward of Cape Disappointment formed by the cape and the recession of the land northward.

Sand Island, low, lies in front of the bay; a narrow channel immediately eastward and northward of the island le to Ilwaco, a small town, the terminus of the railroad extending northward to Willapa Bay. Baker Bay is a shoal, open bight, eastward of Cape Disappointment, formed by the cape and the recession of the land northward. Sand Island, low and flat, lies in front of the bay.

A channel redredged to 10 feet in lies eastward and northward of the island. In Julythe controlling depth was 8 feet. This channel le to Ilwaco, a small town on the northern shore.

Ilwaco is the base for a large fishing fleet. Fuel oil, gas, and water are available; there are facilities for hoisting out 8- to ton fish boats on small marine railways and for making some repairs.

There is another channel of shoal depths to the westward of Sand Island. The remainder of the bay is covered with shoals and old, abandoned fish traps, and at low tide, is not navigable even for light-draft river steamers.

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Just downstream from the Chinook River is the Wallacut River. The Chinook Indians controlled trade on the Columbia from their village on the north shore; during colubia winter they migrated to Willapa Bay, protected from southwesterly storms.

The name "Chinook" came from the Chehalis Indian name for the Chinook summer village, "cinuk.