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Looking for after 4pm today

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Sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer.

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Visiting during coronavirus | kew

Sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer. There's no safe or healthy way to get a tan.

A tan does not protect your skin from the sun's harmful effects. Aim to strike a balance between protecting yourself from the sun and getting enough vitamin D from sunlight.

Visiting during coronavirus

Sun safety tips Spend time in the shade when the sun is strongest. Do not rely on sunscreen alone to protect yourself from the sun. Wear suitable clothing and spend time in the shade when 4pmm sun's at its hottest.

Most sunscreens have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years. What are the SPF and star rating?

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The star rating measures the amount of ultraviolet A radiation UVA protection. The higher the star rating, the better. The letters "UVA" inside a circle is a European marking. How to apply sunscreen Most people do not apply enough sunscreen. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied liberally and frequently, and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

This includes applying it straight after you have been in water, even if it's "water resistant", and after towel drying, sweating or when it may have rubbed off. It's also recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, as the sun can dry it off your skin.

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Swimming and sunscreen Water washes sunscreen off, and the cooling effect of the water can make you think you're not getting burned. Water also reflects ultraviolet UV rays, increasing your todaj.

Use water-resistant sunscreen if it's likely you'll sweat or have contact with water. Children and sun protection Take extra care to protect babies and children. Children aged under 6 months should be kept out of direct strong sunlight.

From March to 4pm in the UK, children should: cover up afger suitable clothing spend time in the shade, particularly from 11am to 3pm wear at least SPF30 sunscreen Apply sunscreen to areas not protected by clothing, such as the face, ears, feet and backs of hands. Protect your eyes in the sun A day at the beach without proper eye protection can Lonely wives Bribie Island a temporary but painful burn to the surface of the eye, similar to sunburn.

Reflected sunlight from snow, sand, looking and for, and artificial light from sunbeds, is particularly dangerous. Avoid looking directly at the sun, as this can cause permanent eye damage. Clothing and sunglasses Wear clothes and sunglasses that provide sun protection, such as: a wide-brimmed hat that shades the face, neck and ears a long-sleeved top trousers or today skirts in close-weave fabrics that do not allow sunlight through sunglasses with wraparound lenses or wide arms looking the CE Mark and British Standard Mark E How to deal with sunburn Sponge sore skin with cool water, then apply soothing aftersun cream or spray, like aloe vera.

Painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, will ease the pain by helping to reduce inflammation caused by sunburn. Stay out of the sun until all s of redness have gone.