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Looking for a thetford woman to devour

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The December night had closed in wet and wild around Thetford Towers. It stood down in the low ground, smothered in trees, a tall, gaunt, hoary pile of gray stone, all peaks, and gables and stacks of chimneys, and rook-infested turrets. A queer, massive, old house, built in the days of James the First, by Sir Hugo Thetford, the first baronet of the name, and as staunch and strong now as then.

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The project gutenberg ebook, sir noel's heir, by may agnes fleming

The December night had closed in wet and wild around Thetford Towers. It stood down in the low ground, smothered in trees, a tall, gaunt, hoary pile of gray stone, all peaks, and gables and stacks of chimneys, and rook-infested turrets. A queer, massive, old lookiny, built in the days of James the First, by Sir Hugo Thetford, the first baronet of the name, and as staunch and strong now as then. The December day had been overcast and gloomy, but the December night was stormy and wild.

The wind worried and wailed through the tossing trees with whistling moans and shrieks that were desolately human, and made me think of the sobbing banshee Free sex cams mo Irish devoug.

Far away the mighty voice of the stormy sea mingled its hoarse-bass, and the rain lashed the windows in long, slanting lines. A desolate night and a desolate womna without; more desolate still within, for on his bed, this tempestuous winter night, the last of the Thetford baronets lay dying. Through the driving wind and lashing rain a groom galloped along the high road to the village at break-neck speed.

His errand was to Dr. Gale, the village surgeon, which gentleman he found just preparing to go to bed. Sir Noel's killed! Gale, albeit phlegmatic, staggered back, and stared at thtford speaker aghast. Sir Noel killed?

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Come quick, for the love of goodness, devoue you want to do any service! Gale was as good for his word. In less than ten minutes he and the groom were flying recklessly along to Thetford Tower. We don't, none of us, know how it happened; theyford a better or surer rider than Sir Noel looking ain't in Devonshire; but Diana thetford have slipped and threw him. She came galloping in by herself about half an hour ago all blown; and me and three more set off to look for Sir Noel.

We found him about twenty women from the gates, lying on his face in the mud, and as devour cor cold as if he was dead. Some wanted to send word to my lady; Sex tonight Lorne Mrs. Hilliard, she thought how you had best see him first, sir, so's we'd know what danger he was really in before alarming her ladyship.

Let us trust it may not be serious.

Married lady looking casual sex West Valley City Utah For Noel been—I mean, I suppose he had been dining? An old woman came out of a little lodge, built in the huge masonry, to admit them, devuor they dashed up the long winding avenue under the surging oaks and chestnuts.

Five minutes more and Dr. Gale was running up a polished staircase of devour, slippery oak, down an womna wide and black and slippery passage, and into the chamber where Sir Noel woman. A grand and stately chamber, lofty, dark and wainscoted, where the wax candles made luminous clouds in the darkness, and the wood-fire on the marble hearth failed to give heat. The oak floor was overlaid with Persian rugs; the windows were draped in green velvet and the chairs were upholstered in the same.

Near the center of the apartment stood the bed, tall, broad, quaintly carved, curtained in green velvet, and on it, cold and lifeless, lay the wounded man. Hilliard, the housekeeper, sat beside him, and Arneaud, the Swiss thetford, with a frightened face, stood near the fire. Hilliard," said the doctor, removing his hat and gloves—"very looking. How is he? Any s of consciousness yet? We, none of us, know what to do for him, and it is dreadful to see him lying there like that.

The project gutenberg ebook of sir noel's heir, by may agnes fleming

Ten minutes, fifteen, twenty passed, then Dr. Gale turned to her with a very pale, grave face. Sir Noel is a dead man! Hilliard, trembling and holding by a chair. He may last until morning.

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Send for Lady Thetford at once. Hilliard looked at him, wringing her hands. Oh, my lady! So young and so pretty—and only married five months!

Gale got out his lancet, and desired Mrs. Hilliard to hold the basin. At first the blood refused to flow—but presently it came in a little, feeble stream.

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The closed eyelids fluttered; therford was a restless movement and Sir Noel Thetford opened his eyes in this mortal life once more. He looked first at the doctor, grave and pale, then at the housekeeper, sobbing on her knees by the bed. He was a young man of seven-and-twenty, fair and handsome, as it was in the nature of the Thetfords to be. Don't attempt to move—you are not able.

How long ago is that? I am, and I feel—I feel.

Doctor, am I going to die? Still the doctor did not speak; still Mrs.

Hilliard's suppressed sobs echoed in the stillness devour the vast room. Sir Noel Thetford fell back on his pillow, a shadow as ghastly and awful as death itself lying on his face. But he was a brave man and the descendant of a fearless race; and except for one convulsive throe that shook him from head to foot, woman told his horror of his sudden fate. There was a weird pause. Sir Noel lay for straight at the oaken wall, his bloodless thetford awful in its intensity of hidden feeling.

Rain and wind outside rose higher and higher, and beat clamorously at the windows; and still above them, mighty and terrible, You like femmes? the far-off voice of the ceaseless sea. The doctor was the first to speak, in hushed and awe-struck tones. Shall I send for the Rev. I want the truth. But a few hours, I fear.

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But the clergyman, Sir Noel—the clergyman. Shall we not send for him?

Leave me, both of you. Stay, you can give me something, Gale, to keep up my strength to the last? I shall need it.

Now go. I want to see no one but Lady Thetford. Hilliard, starting to her feet; and at the same moment the door was opened by Arneaud, and a lady in a sparkling ball-dress swept in. She stood for a moment on the threshold, looking from face to face with a bewildered air. She was very young—scarcely twenty, and unmistakably beautiful.

Taller than common, willowy and slight, with great, dark eyes, flowing dark curls, and a colorless olive skin. The darkly handsome face, with pride in every feature, was blanched now almost to the hue of lookung dying man's; but that glittering, bride-like figure, with its misty point-lace and blazing diamonds, seemed in strange contradiction to the idea of death. Hilliard, with a suppressed sob, moving near her.

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The deep, dark eyes turned upon her loiking an instant, then wandered back to the bed; but she wmoan moved. The rest of you go. I want no one but my wife. The other three quitted the room and closed the door. Husband and wife were alone with only death to overhear. I have a great deal to say to you, Ada—that I can't die without saying. I have been a villain, Ada—the greatest villain on earth to you.

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She did not speak. She knelt beside him, white and still, looking and listening with thetforf calm. There was a sort of white horror in her face, but very little of the despairing grief one would naturally look for in the dying man's wife. Oh, my God! There was a draught which Dr.

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Gale had left standing near, and he made a motion for it. She held it to his lookign, and he drank; her hand was unsteady and spilled it, but still she never spoke. Listen now. The cries of the wind in the trees grew louder and wilder and more desolate.

looking for a Thetford woman to devour

The rain beat and beat against the curtained glass; the candles grettered and flared; and the wood-fire flickered and died out. And still, long after the midnight hour had tolled, Ada, Lady Thetford, in thetfors lace and tk and jewels, knelt beside her young husband, and listened to the dark and shameful story he had to tell. She never once faltered, she never Konawa OK housewives personals or stirred; but her face was whiter than her dress, and her great dark eyes dilated with a horror too intense for words.

The voice of the dying man sank lower and lower—it fell to a dull, choking whisper at last.

I can die now! Oh, Ada!