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Looking for a specific type of gal

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Includes all mail contacts in the organization. To learn more about mail contacts, see Recipients.

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Includes all mail contacts in the organization. To learn more about mail contacts, see Recipients.

Find people and contacts - outlook

To learn more about mail-enabled groups, see Recipients. Equipment mailboxes aren't included.

To learn more about room and equipment resource mailboxes, see Recipients. To learn more about these recipient types, see Recipients.

Access permissions determine who spdcific view and use public folders. For more information about public folders, see Public folders. To prevent this, you can create custom address lists to help users find what they're looking for.

For example, consider a company that lookinng two large divisions in one Exchange organization: Fourth Coffee, which imports and sells coffee beans. Contoso, Ltd, which underwrites insurance policies. For most day-to-day activities, employees at Fourth Coffee don't communicate with employees at Contoso, Ltd.

Therefore, to make it easier for employees to find recipients who exist only in their division, you can create two new custom address lists: one for Fourth Coffee and one for Contoso, Ltd. However, if an employee is unsure about where recipient exists, they can search in the GAL, which specidic all recipients from both divisions.

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You can also create address lists under other address lists. For example, you can create an address list that contains all recipients in Manchester, and you can create another address list under Manchester named Sales that contains only sales people in the Manchester office.

You can also move address lists back to the root, or under other address lists after you've created them. For more information, see Use lookinng Exchange Management Shell to move address lists.

Best thpe for creating additional address lists Although address lists are useful tools for users, poorly planned address lists can cause frustration. To make sure that your address lists are practical for users, consider the following best practices: Address lists should make it easier for users to find recipients.

Avoid creating so many address lists that users can't tell which list to use. Use a naming convention and location hierarchy for your address lists so users can immediately tell what the list is for which recipients are included in the list.

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If you have difficulty naming your address lists, create fewer lists and remind users that they can find anyone in your organization by using the GAL. For detailed instructions about creating address lists in Exchange Server, see Create address lists.

Update address lists After you create or modify an address list, you need to tye the membership. If the address list contains a large of recipients our recommendation is more thanyou should use the Exchange Management Shell to update the address list not the EAC. For more information, see Update address lists. For more information, see Use the Exchange Management Shell to update global address lists.

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