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Is hitting the snooze button five times and drinking your weight parttner coffee still not enough to prop you up through your day? Tips for sleeping through your partners snoring Nov.

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Days were as bad as nights, as St. Peter found herself increasingly irritable without really knowing why.

In order to save your sleep—and possibly your relationship—we polled some sleep and snoring experts to find out how one can successfully live with a sleeping one-man-band with the help of tennis balls yes, tennis balls a video camera and a little bit of Zen. Anyone who has ever tried to get some shut-eye while the person next to them blasted nose trombone is rolling 420 and a Milwaukee eyes right now, but Joy Martina, Ph.

She suggests hypnosis can help the non-snoring partner actually find the sounds soothing rather than infuriating.

So through hypnosis, you can give people the suggestion that every time they hear their spouse snores, it lulls them into deeper sleep. Separate Beds Dr. Though St. Peter was foe tempted to record her husband's snores and then play it back to him, she always resisted, thinking he would be horrified by the cacophony.

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But Dr. Westwood says it orlling be quite helpful. Besides snoring, there are other issues such as drowsiness during the day, irritability, and lack of focus.

Unwilling to put his job at risk, Murphy went in for a sleep evaluation and was immediately diagnosed with sleep apnea. As a bonus, the hum of the machine acts as a sort of rolilng noise machine for his wife. The difference was immediate and dramatic.

Peter laughs, her relief audible. Murphy agrees. Westwood has seen it hundreds of times in his studies.