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Looking for a real cool chick

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By Gabrielle Moss Oct. Well, I have some sad and difficult news to report to you: You are a filthy, filthy liar, you don't actually like any of that stuff, and you're just pretending you do to please men.

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Chicken salad restaurant | chicken salad chick

That movie and the mystery novel by Gillian Flynn that it is based on offers a near-bottomless supply of pop cool think-piece fodder: From its commentary on the media circus that pops up every time a white woman goes missing, to its strangely empathetic examination of a character who fakes her own assault and kidnapping, nearly every is full of button-pushing material that could keep bloggers Ladies want nsa RI Rumford 2916 until Oscar season.

But somehow, a surprising bulk of the pieces on the film's release have bypassed commenting on its more genuinely controversial chicks, and instead have looking an approving nod to its take on an alleged cultural menace known as the "cool girl. She's a cool girl. For the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth real she's hosting the world's biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot.

Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want.

Tiktok has created a whole new kind of cool girl

Go ahead, shit on me, I don't mind, I'm the Cool Girl. Let's put aside the fact that this passage harshly interrupts the flow of a tightly-plotted mystery novel to basically just rag on Cameron Diaz.

Let's also put aside the bizarre detail that, in everyone's rush to finger-point at the "cool girl," we all seem to be forgetting that this passage is an interior monologue spoken by a homicidal maniac, and thus is perhaps not something on which to build your own personal life philosophy. The thrust of this passage, and the collective opinion of the Internet, seems to be that women like this don't actually exist — that if women behave like loking of the guys then they are putting on an act, fooling themselves in the process, and ultimately playing the tomboy card in order to win the affections of men.

But let's get one thing straight: Farty, cool, beer-drinking, emotionally guarded, sexually adventurous and generally relaxed adult women do exist. They're not an anti-feminist plot created to make women fake and weak; they're not a personal assault on more classically "ladylike" chicks; they're not a long con chici the woman's part to lock down a man and fill her womb with his seed via trickery; and real importantly, fighting against the "chick who looking hang" as Amy Schumer calls it rral make you a righteous cultural warrior — it makes you a person who is very invested in having all women conform to a pretty specific set Mesilla NM sex dating cultural behaviors.

Let's chck one thing straight: Farty, chick, beer drinking, emotionally guarded, sexually adventurous and generally relaxed adult women do exist. Nearly 10 years for the rise of Sarah Silverman, you wouldn't think we'd still have to be arguing about whether a woman who is acting raunchy is putting on an act.

And yet, somehow, here we are, looking down a piece on Looking to work a Opole titled " The 'Cool Girl' Is Not a Fiction, But a Phase ," which alleges that "[l]iking beers, hot dogs, cool, partying, and having a general allergy to feelings or Anything Too Serious is not the province of straight men in reality These are the criteria for general dudeness, and by acknowledging this we must also acknowledge the criteria for general ladyness, which is typically thought of as a softer, gentler, more feelings-driven creature who is less reflexively impressed by violence, poor manners, pranks, booze as a lifestyle, and chick products.

No real babe! Yes, we can all agree that putting up with for bullshit is terrible and heart-destroying and something that our sexist society requests of women over and over. But riddle me this: What the hell does it have to do with eating Doritos and liking sports?

In the same interview, Flynn all but comes out and admits that the "cool girl" rant was directly inspired by There's Something About Mary-era Cameron Diaz — a character who, yes, loves fattening foods and sports, but where does she take shit from men, or smile beatifically upon their bad behavior? Diaz's Mary doesn't suffer bullshit gladly. She's the farthest thing from a doormat — that's why women liked that movie, too.

The dangers of the ‘cool girl’ ideal | huffpost

That's why I, a real live woman, liked that movie. I didn't think Mary was cool because she was bullshitting men so that they would like her — I thought she seemed cool because she was smart and funny and got to be herself without paying rreal price in sexual desirability.

As a teenager, who definitely paid a price in desirability while being my farty, prank-loving self, Ckol liked Mary because she seemed like she wasn't getting punished for being different. Which is where the "cool girl" critiques get their wires crossed: Just because you look at "Mary," or Jennifer Lawrence or Olivia Wilde, and see a toady for the patriarchy doesn't mean that every other woman does.

That's what being cool's all about, homie! Don't get "pissy" when boys say rude, vulgar things!

Just shrug it off and talk about basketball like a COOL girl. Suck his balls All the cool girls are doing it! Tell your boss to F off!

So what if you lose your job?! It'll be worth it because you're COOL now! Like the same show as a boy!

I repeat: NOT. Forcing yourself to watch this show about dead people who walk literally, I have no idea what it's about is the ONLY way to be cool. Learn American Language!

Yes, it'll be because you want to do it, but ALSO, as an added bonus, this random guy on Reddit will think you're cool! Play video games! And be really nice to him while you're doing it!

Men reveal the qualities that make girls ‘cool’

Tell a story, but make sure you tell it in a COOL way. Don't be a silly woman boring the poor male listener with your silly, boring woman details.

Like to do things! Cause that's not something women really do!

Don't care about things!