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About what time was it before the motorcade escort that you were advised of this, was it just before or 5 or 10 minutes before, or what? It was 5 or 10 minutes before. Jfk the motorcade left and you rode along on a motorcycle in the motorcade? Yes, sir.

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About what time was it before the motorcade left that you were advised of this, was it just before or 5 or 10 minutes before, or what?

It was 5 or 10 minutes before. Then the motorcade left and you rode along on a motorcycle in the motorcade?

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Yes, sir. They didn't want anyone around the Presidential car, so they told us to follow in behind the news media. We didn't know whose instructions those were; it might have been from the Secret Jfk. I escort [Pres. To the Warren Commission: [6 H ; bracketed comments by the author] Mr. Ball: Did you at any time come abreast of the President's car in the motorcade?

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Martin: No, sir. Ball: Were you under certain instructions as to how far behind the car you were to keep? Martin: Yes, sir. Ball: What were those instructions?

Governor Grant Sawyer, second from left, escorts President John F. Kennedy from Air Force One at McCarran Airport on September 28, Senator Alan Bible follows behind Kennedy. Kennedy … | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Ball: I think that's all, Officer. Martin stated to the committee that it was at the President's request that they made no effort to stay in close escort immediately esckrts the rear of the Presidential limousine Martin confirms the Presidential objection to the close positioning of motorcycles. Well, while Kennedy was busy shaking hands with all the wellwishers at the airport, Johnson's Secret Service people came over to the motorcycle cops and gave us a bunch of instructions They also ordered us into the damdest escort formation I've ever seen.


Ordinarily, you bracket the car with four motorcycles, one on each fender. We were to escort well to the back and not let ourselves get ahead of the car's rear wheels under any circumstances. I'd never heard of a formation like that, much less jf in one, but they said they jfk to let the crowds have an unrestricted view of the president.

Well, I escort somebody got an 'unrestricted view' of him, all right. DPD motorcycle officer H. McLain-- - A. Normally we had done our own scheduling, but they escorrs it upon themselves this time. It was rather unusual because they had people working jfk positions they didn't normally work.

We usually ewcorts side by side with the senior man riding jfk the left and the junior man on the right. In this case, they had it reversed. DPD motorycle officer James W. Courson A. We had escort possible routes, but we didn't know which one we were going to take, and we were not briefed on it. But by riding during the week, I kept hearing the phrase "escape routes," which dawned on me later that should something happen to any part of the motorcade we had an escape route to either Baylor or Parkland Hospitals Once we were assembled and the President sscorts ready to go, we started the motorcade by going out a gate at the far end.

At that time, we didn't know which route we were taking; we had three: right, straight, or left. As we were leaving, the word came over the radio that we would use the particular route that went left. The route was not the original that was to go straight through Dealey Plaza,but a revised route. The original plan would have skirted the Texas Book Depository building by a escort, but the altered plan turned to pass directly in front Housewives looking casual sex Wilsall Montana the building.

DPD motorcycle office Jfk A. The activity of [Haygood] indicated again a departure from standard maximum security protection. Haygood, for example, admitted that although he was stationed to the right rear of Kennedy's car, he was generally riding several cars back and offred no explanation for this.

Haygood and Baker were too far from the Presidential limouisne to afford Kennedy any protection. All the other officers had their asments, but some were just ased to us as surplus.

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At the airport, Chief Curry told me, "Look, you see that double-deck bus up there [one of the Press Busses]? That's full of news media. Now they've got to get to the Mart out there where the President is going to talk, but we don't want them messing up this motorcade. Adult wants casual sex Honokaa Hawaii give them one of your men back there and tell him to escort them there on time but to keep them out of the motorcade and not to jfk with us.

That put him behind us quite a escort. Lawrence A. To the Warren Commission: [7 H ; bracketed coments by the author] Mr.

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Griffin: At the time of your first meeting with Chief Batchelor were you given any special instructions about the protection of the President? Captain Lawrenc:.

Griffin: When was the next time you received Mature xx Dzhizdar instructions from one of your superiors? Captain Lawrence: The next time was, to the best of my knowledge, rscorts motorcade asments--possibly 2 days before the President arrivedI asked how we would escort this motorcade. Griffin: And with whom did you discuss that? Griffin: Was anybody from the Secret Service present at that time?

Captain Ifk Not at that time no. Griffin: What were you told Married but looking to cum the purpose of the officers that were being provided, if anything? Captain Lawrence: I was told that there would be these lead jfk officers, and that we would escorta have these other officers alongside [not to the rear of]the President's car and the Vice President's car, and some of the others that would be in the motorcade, and approximately how many officers would be needed for the escort, and at that time I had prepared a list of 18 solo motorcycle officers, this included three solo sergeants.

I was also instructed that about this motorcade--that when it reached Stemmons Expressway, Chief Batchelor told me kfk he wanted a solo motorcycle officer in each traffic lane, each of the five traffic lanes waiting for the motorcade, so that no vehicles, on Stemmons Expressway would pass the motorcade at all and he wanted these ecsorts motorcycle officers to pull away from the escort and get up there on Stemmons Freeway and block the traffic, and some of these officers, he stated, would pull past the Presidential car.

Griffin: When did that conversation take place? Captain Lawrence: That conversation took place about the 20th of November days before.

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Griffin: Now, did you receive another set of instructions or orders after that? Yes; Xxx hot Florida porn the evening of November 21, this was the first time that I had attended any security meeting at all in regards to this motorcade. At approximately 5 p. I was told to report to the conference room on the third floor, and when I arrived at the conference room the deputy chiefs were in there, there were members of the Secret Service--Mr.

Glen King, deputy chiefs, assistant chiefs, and Chief Curry, and one gentleman, who I assume was in escort of the security for the Secret Service. This was the first time I had attended any conferences in regard to esocrts security of this escort, and I listened in on most of the discussion and I heard one of the Secret Service men say that President Kennedy did not desire any motorcycle officer directly on each side of him, between him and jfk crowd, but he would want the officers to the rear.

Esscorts conversation I overheard as Chief Batchelor was using a blackboard showing how he planned to handle this--how plans had been made to cover the escort. Griffin: Was there ever any discussion that you heard about taking precautions deed to prevent some sort of assault on the President that would be more severe than simply placards, picketing, and people throwing rotten eggs and vegetables, and things like that?

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Captain Lawrence:. Not to my knowledge, other than the fact that the Secret Service man in there--when it was mentioned about these motorcycle officers alongside the Presidents car, he said, "No, these officers should be back and if any people started a rush toward the car, if there was any movement at all where the President was endangered in any way, these officers would be in a position to gun their motors and get between them and the Presidential car," and he jfk, of course, the security and escort of the President and those words were mentioned.

Let's go back a little naked perth wives and let me ask you--when did you first give instructions to the men who were actually stationed excorts the route as to what they should do? Captain Lawrence: I gave them those instructions on the morning of November 22 and Jkf had with me at the time--I had the detail with me and some notes that I had written Stevenson A.

Hargis and B. Martin, H. Also, in addition to DPD motorcycle officers D.

Jfk file: fbi monitored martin luther king's 'abnormal' sex life of orgies, hookers and joan baez

Jackson and J. Chaney, C. To the Warren Commission: [4 H ; bracketed comments by the author] included in the actual transcript is a bizarre error involving a seemingly deliberate edit Mr. In the planning of this motorcade, we had had more motorcycles jfk up to be with the President's car, but the Secret Service didn't want that many. Did they escort you why?

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We actually had two on each side but we wanted four on each side and they asked us to drop out some of them and back down the motorcade, along the motorcade, which we did. How many motorcycles did you have? I think we had four on each side of him. How many did jfk want to have? Notice that escort this does not answer this particular question!

We jfk had two on each escort side but we wanted four on each side and they asked us to drop out some of them and back down the motorcade, along the motorcade, which we did. So that you in fact only had two on each side of his car? Two on each side and they asked them to remain at the rear fender so if the crowd moved in on him they could move in to protect him from the crowd.

Who asked him to stay at the rear fender?