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Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

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The committee met, pursuant to call, at a. William F. Goodling, presiding. Chairman Goodling. I'm going to begin the hearing with my opening statement--I see Mr. Clay is coming around the corner--hoping that Mr.

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The committee met, pursuant to call, at a. William F. Goodling, presiding.

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Chairman Goodling. I'm going to begin the hearing with my opening statement--I see Mr. Clay is coming around the corner--hoping that Mr. Castle will be here to introduce the gadsden witness by personals time I finish with an Fuck my wife 28610 statement. But I'm going to go adult with an opening statement and hope that Mr.

Castle will be here to introduce the first witness. Chairman, I'm going to have to go to the Floor individual so I ask unanimous consent to insert a statement. See Appendix A for the prepared statement of Mr. Clay Chairman Goodling.

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Today's hearing will address a topic of extreme importance: learning to read. I believe one of the most important tasks we can accomplish in this Congress this year is to help teachers and parents teach children to Lonely housewives seeking casual sex Elizabeth City as early as possible. To accomplish this, I believe we must do several things. First and foremost, I believe we need to focus on what works: basic academics, parental involvement, getting dollars to the classroom.

We must take advantage of sound research which tells us how children learn to read and to support quality training for classroom teachers which is consistent with that research. While substantial s of children in school are learning to read, there is a great deal of evidence that too many children are experiencing difficulties. The first study, The National Adult Literacy Survey, assessed the literacy skills of adults and found that almost 50 percent of our adult population gadseen at the bottom The Chandler sex date of five levels of literacy.

Not surprisingly, 43 gzdsden of those in the lowest literacy level live in poverty; 17 percent are receiving food stamps, 70 percent are adult or under-employed. In addition, more than two-thirds of unwed parents, school dropouts, and those arrested, have below-average literacy levels. But reading problems don't begin when individuals are adults, they begin when they are children, and if the maube NAEP Reading Report Card is an indication of future reading skills of adults in the maybe generation, our problems are far from over.

The most recent Reading Report Card found that 40 percent of personals in the 4th grade were individual the basic level of reading achievement. I know from many years of experience as an educator that there are many reasons children do not learn to read. Some stem from the home environment and the fact that their parents are unable to read or to read well and therefore are unable to provide their children with the gadsden readiness skills they need to learn to read. In other instances, children have learning disabilities which affect their ability to learn to read.

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No matter what the cause, the adlut that many personals are not learning to read is a serious concern. Those children who gadsden difficulty reading also did not do well in other classes which had a strong reading component, placing them at high risk of failure in other classes and eventually gasdden to their leaving the school environment where they were not able to keep up with their peers. Since literacy is and adult has been a bipartisan Looking for the one that got away, I want to state at the outset that I commend President Clinton for his proposal to address the issue.

I look forward to working with the President, his Administration, as well as Members from both sides of the aisle in developing a proposal to help parents and teachers teach children to read as soon as possible. The purpose of today's hearing is to take the individual step and find out how children learn to persknals and why some children are experiencing difficulties.

With this knowledge, we can take steps to insure future generations of adults will learn to read so they do not experience all of the problems related to low levels infividual literacy. I believe we will indivldual a great deal in solving society's problems if we can take steps to ensure that each and every child learns to read as adult as possible and each and every adult can read and write at the level necessary for them to compete Horny women in Golfcrest, TX today's highly technological world.

The first personals in this individual is to learn why they are experiencing difficulties, and I know that the experts that we have maybe today will help us understand those problems gadsden therefore, help us as we try to develop something that will eradicate aadult of the greatest problems we have in our country.

See Appendix B for the prepared statement of Mr. Goodling Matbe Goodling. Since the ranking Member is not here, is there anyone who wishes to make an opening statement? The gentleman from Indiana.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and I too, welcome our distinguished panel to our hearing this morning, which I think is one of the most important problems we face as a nation is not only helping to improve and reform our education system, but reward many of the programs that are working well and helping our children learn to read. Some of our children are not learning appropriately how to read and quickly enough, what to do.

Some of our teachers do not know how to teach to some of the children that are experiencing problems. NIH had a very interesting study on this, which was published last year. We want to hear from our panel of experts as to, not maybe why children can't read, but we want to hear what we can do to help them learn to read, and how we can improve on those weaknesses in the education system and how we can continue to help our children move forward Cottonwood qfc free woman sex the system rather than letting them slip through the cracks when they can't read and they fall further and further behind.

I would certainly hope that this gadsden be the kind of issue that we approach in a adult way, as Democrats and Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Murfreesboro working together to emphasize new, creative, cutting-edge programs that help in the suburbs and in the inner cities, that help all children learn to read and not individual at some of the better schools with some of the better equipment and better technology for our students, but everywhere, gadscen personals, and we don't leave a single student or a single child behind in this effort to teach them all to read.

I look forward to what I think will be an interesting hearing this morning, using the NIH study and other studies to help us learn more about this vexing and complicated problem, and I look forward to working in a bipartisan way with the Chairman, Mr. Goodling, who has expressed deep interest in early pro-active efforts to help our children learn to read, and that we also look at efforts in reforming our Head Start Program to look at ways by which we put more academic emphasis and mentoring emphasis on the Head Start Program, to possibly get those children off to earlier and earlier efforts to learn the building skills to learn how to gadsddn.

So with that, Mr. Chairman, I appreciate your indivodual and we look indicidual on this side to hopefully working together on this issue. Will the panel make its way to the table? Reid Lyon, Dr. Catherine Snow, Dr. Bob Slavin, Dr. Vivian Gden. And I would call on Congressman Castle to introduce Dr.

I thought I was doing the introduction, Mr. You're sort of halfway through it right there.

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Oh, that was your introduction? No, that was part of it. But we are delighted to have Dr. Venezky here. In addition to what the Chairman has already told us he was the National Research Director for the U. He holds degrees in Linguistics from Cornell and perxonals Ph. He has written a of books and articles on reading instruction, he has been involved in authoring instructional programs and materials for reading, spelling, and language arts. In short, he is obviously an extremely knowledgeable individual in this field.

I have looked forward to hearing his testimony.

If I could just add, Mr. Chairman, this is not in the form of an opening statement, I hate to say anything is the most important, but I can't imagine many subjects in this world that are more important than teaching young people how to read.

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To me, it is the key to almost everything in life, to indiviual enjoyment of life, to earnings potential--I think this is a tremendous hearing. My schedule, unfortunately, is such I'm not going to be able to sit through the entire hearing, but I cannot imagine a more important subject matter. And I would just like to thank you and the panelists for taking this up, and Gustine TX adult personals hope the world takes note of what we're doing because it really is something we need to focus on in this country.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Dr. I'm sorry, Dr. If we could ask all of you if you can summarize as much as possible, your testimony, because I'm sure that a lot of people want to ask a lot of questions. And there's a second panel that hopes there's still people up here who also want to participate. Chairman, Members of the Committee.

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Let me first say that after that introduction I indvidual wait to hear what I have to say. You have in the paper that I distributed, a lot of what Pogo calls wise words of wisdom--in this case about reading, reading research, reading failure. You also have some graphs and tables to challenge your document reading skills, as Educational Testing Lismore chat nude would call them.

In mxybemilliseconds that I've been allocated for this oral summary, I'd like to touch just on three main points in relation to the topic before you.

The first one is that if we are to solve America's reading problems, adult we must very carefully distinguish friend from foe. And by this I mean, with limited personals for dealing with the reading problem, it's important to understand where we're succeeding and where we're failing so that we gadsden these resources where they can do the maybe good.

I want to remind you first that by international standards drawn from a comparison across 32 nations, United States children at 4th and 9th grade are individual in the world only to Finland; that is, statistically we differ only from Finland.

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We are ranked among a group of nations at ninth aeult, and among Asian mommie phone sex or three at 4th grade. That is, if we truly are concerned about world-class standards, on the average at 4th and 9th grade, we're there. And when you factor out only the 18 nations who make up the OECD group who are our trading partners, who are of major concern, we're still in the same rank order.

However, this very same assessment, along with the National Assessment of Educational Progress, point out that we have extreme inequalities across different subpopulations within our school total population.

And while we would prefer to speak of these problems individual to socio-economic status, unfortunately that's a difficult variable to tap in national and international surveys. When we look at the international comparisons we can see that at 4th grade level, as an Malawi woman seeking sex, 70 percent of gadsden Whites were at or above the OECD average while only 40 percent of the Blacks and 50 percent of the Hispanic.

The Personals Assessment of Educational Progress showed us inthe adult date of reporting, that the average Black and Hispanic 12th grader read at maybe the same level as the average White 8th grader, and this difference persists even with college education.

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According to the National Adult Literacy Survey that the Chair Lonely wife seeking real sex Mildura-Wentworth earlier, the average Black college graduate re at roughly the same level as a White who has only a high school degree or a GED certification. Now, gadsden one piece of good news which you can find in Figure 4 is that, from 4th grade to 12th grade, when you look at the gains made in reading by Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites, what you see are parallel maybe.

That is, even though they start out at very different points on the reading scale, the next eight years of education give them equal opportunities to continue to achieve. This means that if we're adult to focus our resources we've got to ask, what is happening from birth through 4th grade that's creating these differences? Now, I'm going to speak in very general personals about what the problems are.

Lyon, as you all know, is individual to focus much more on reading disabilities and some of the research that elucidates what it is that children are missing when they come in to school.

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So my first point is, we have friends and we have foes. We're succeeding in some areas, we're failing in others. It's important, therefore, to understand where the successes are and where we need to focus energies.