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Indian escort yuba city

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Arroyo Conejo : Creek, creekbed, and gorge. Paradise Falls: year-round ft.

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Arroyo Conejo : Creek, creekbed, and gorge. Paradise Falls: year-round ft. Little Falls: one of two year-round waterfalls.

Lizard Rock: serrate volcanic outcropping resembling a lizard. Mount Clef Ridge : volcanic-rock outcropping and wildlife corridor.

Trails[ edit ] The park is home to fourteen nature trails covering over 27 miles. Then turn left and continue for 0.

The park is a wildlife corridor used by cougars. Ecology[ edit ] Wildwood Regional Park is recognized for its varied terrain, wildlife and two waterfalls. The terrain consists of large areas of volcanic rock outcroppings, the year-round Arroyo Conejo creek and its two waterfalls, oak woodlands of coast live oak and valley oak trees, creek-beds lined with California sycamore trees and cattailsseveral canyons, steep hills, and relatively flat grasslands.


The climate is Mediterraneanbut oftentimes cooler than other areas in the Conejo Valley due to cool coastal breeze easily winding its way up through canyons and lower ciyt. Habitats include: southern oak woodlandsriparian woodland, chaparral and coastal sage scrubCalifornia grassland, and freshwater marsh.

Wildlife[ edit ] The western pond turtlea native species in Arroyo Conejo creek. The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and is a wildlife corridor connecting the Santa Monica Mountains to the Santa Susana Mountains and other western Transverse Ranges.

Its fauna includes 60 species of birds, 37 species of mammals, and 22 species of amphibians and reptiles.