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Hey d seeking the one with force

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Hey d seeking the one with force

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A Plague Of Rakghouls It's an idiotic idea and he knows it. But then that's why he's brought along seeing friend, even though at this point he and the Ryn are only little more than acquaintances, unfortunate enough to have the worst of common acquaintances in turn. And no, we don't mean Marec Tenau.

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A Plague Of Rakghouls It's an idiotic idea and he knows it. But then that's why he's brought along a friend, even though at this point he and the Ryn are only little more than acquaintances, unfortunate enough to have the worst of common acquaintances in turn. And no, we don't mean Marec Tenau. The hotel they're at is one Varos is familiar with, the room perhaps only a few doors down from the one he'd lodged in not too long ago when he'd first heard from his father.

He'd sat Sens on one bed as he plopped himself on the with to lean against the one beside it once the door was locked. I'm going to attempt something most likely very stupid, but at this point I see little other options. I don't wish to drag you into it, but at the moment, you're the only one who can probably help me. I'm force to try finding a ghost.

But that isn't the case. Sens barely had the to react to Varos' joke, letting one tail speak out for him as he finds himself in the hotel room. Between each irritated flick, amber eyes stay on the Hey as he explains himself. While he sort of seekings distracted by the softness of the bed, he does hear everything with a level of growing incredulity. What are you even attempting?

Hey d seeking the one with force seeking men

The Ryn sits there, slack-jawed before mouthing a few words. Drawing in a sharp breath, he finally says something, voice trembling a little under his annoyed tone. That is stupid.

But perhaps not as stupid as still being on Coruscant. It's faint. So faint that neither would have noticed had it not been from prior exposure but Which might be chilling, well if the thought of what Varos is about to do is not more chilling. Varos grins tightly, nodding. No Oroville dating cams in denying it. He drops the grins completely. There's nothing to be grinning about, here. That feeling, that darkness, it's there.

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It's growing. But hear me out. We've got Rakghouls potentially down below and spreading in Coruscant's underbelly as we speak. We've got politicians trying to figure out who's at fault so they can send more soldiers to shoot them, probably.

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And then we've got some entity claiming to be a dead Sith Lord who happens to also have been the creator of the Th plague long ago, but so far as I know, we're the only ones that are aware of it- aside from those we've oe to mention it to. Maybe some good will come off of my unintentional propaganda and give them a nudge," he laughs harshly. Coruscant is probably the closest thing I've ever considered a home, and I'm not letting it get swallowed up. Help me.

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I just need you to help pull me out if I get in too deep. Of all of the things to be involved in The questions would keep coming and there would be no answers. And with no le, nothing would get done.

He does miss the times where he didn't have to worry about the fate of the entire galaxy. With an aggravated sigh, Sens runs his hands through unkempt his white hair. I'll do it.

I'll do what I can. Sorry for the trouble," he can't help but apologize. Taking in a deep breath, he tries to relax a little as he reaches out through the Force, letting his senses expand as he expels that same breath. At the very least the lingering darkness makes it easy to freshen that memory, that feeling attached to the heey he seeks out. Therein also lies the risk, he knows.

Sometimes it's as close as your own shadow The darkness spreading across the world makes for an easy starting point at least and it's not hard to reach out to, Coatzacoalcos casual sex as it is. From there the links become more arcane but Varos is good at least at seeing things, perhaps things that ought not be seen. It helps that he knows the name of he whom he seeks.

Karness Muur. It also helps that the ancient Sith Ghost, if that's what it is, has spoken to him before. Well, if help is the right word for that.

The force flows and again Varos takes deep, dark tunnels. Cold and lightless in more than just a physical sense. He begins to percieve a presence. Looking for me are you? The physical bleeds away, and the Force is all there is. Varos follows its flow, the pull of the darkness an easy current to follow- or is it be caught up in?

It's an unpleasant place to be in, and that familiar presence that makes itself known prompts both fear and satisfaction. Even if he'd never encountered the Karness Muur before, the Miraluka knows it's better not to garner the attention of a Sith, dead or otherwise. And here he's doing just that.

You're not exactly being very discreet. And that fact worries Varos.

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It's a little late for that, though. As soon as Varos takes the dive, Sens can already feel the darkness spreading within the Elkton VA wife swapping. Not being able to hear the conversation's beginning is a relief, but it simultaneously causes a spike of worry. Sens sits up straighter on the bed, watching Varos as closely as he can. As Varos meditates the darkness starts to creep out.

The room is just a bit dimmer. The lights just a bit less friendly. The sounds outside just a bit sharper and more ominous than they were Those confident of victory have no need to be. Come closer, Varos Jenek And the force draws him closer.

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In the darkness, featureless and endless, there stands Karness Muur. Mmmm, that is not the look of a man seeking an apprenticeship.

Not yet. What is it you want, Varos? He almost laughs aloud at that, except that it really isn't funny.

Muur might just mean it. Those with too much confidence end up falling harder over the smallest stones. Not something Varos is feeling right now, but he tries to quell the negative feelings before they can seep too much into things. He doesn't want to give a Sith any footholds. I want answers. I want to know how wiht like you can unnoticed in a galaxy where the Sith have mostly faded.

I want to know what's stirred you back into being. And he wants to know where so someone can put the equivalent of an astroid on Karness Muur to shut him up for good.

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Was this just some lingering impression in the Force, like Marec had suggested? Once heg Mandalorian had mentioned it, Varos hadn't thought to rule it out. The shadows cause things to change. Make everything not as they seem. He knows it's not just the lighting.

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Deep breaths are taken as the seer trains his wandering eyes back onto the Miraluka. Sens forve hear it quite clearly. Though he may wish he had not When I lived I created the first Sith Talisman.

Into eith I poured my malice, my hate, and my will to dominate all living things Muur starts in a dramatic voice Or, so the stories say.