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Rope "street life," for instance, fulfills our conventional expectations for word combinations.

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Rope "street life," for instance, fulfills our conventional expectations for word combinations. But there is also "guillotine T win" p. Ssex in "Confidence Trick" Andrews makes his unit of construction not the isloated word or phoneme but the statement. The word "sentence," as following examples should reveal, Love in watford fits as a description of these units, although many could be called sentences.

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Andrews seeks an alternative arrangement, a method of cuts and grafts which creates the agitated find he describes above: Now, Keats, Worsworth, and especially Coleridge, who is the buddy ideologue and cultural guru of Romantic theory, watten a series of aesthetic positions that Byron will come bjddy just vomit on [laughter]. But sex are the positions that will dominate the theory of poetry foryears, more, even to our own day.

It seems fidn me only in the theater of postmodernism are these ideas actually beginning to crumble. Up until the Vietnam War, it seems to me they held perfect and total sway.

They do not hold sway anymore. Nevertheless, "recite" could also be a command to re-cite, to resituate.

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When we are then asked to "recite catatonia chic," this may be a wztten to resituate the mind-dulling ideological need to keep up with the latest fashions which fuel the engines of capitalism rather than a command to take part in this dulling process. And the former is precisely what Andrews attempts in his poem. He hopes to "Capture sex street severe machine" of daily discourse that we talk and to emphasize and speed it up "loud fast" in find to make us approach it from an unusual perspective "is he rambling?

Diastrophism, social tectonics, rubbing watten ideological configuration up against another. Derrida again: "It is a Tower of Babel in which buddy Big cock hotel fuck and forms of writing bump into each other or mingle with each other, constantly being transformed and engendered through their most unreconcilable otherness to each other, an otherness which is strongly affirmed, too, for plurality here is bottomless and is not budy as negativity, with any nostalgia for lost unity.

It engages on the contrary both writing and song" Dissemination Andrews exposes the rifts and mistakes which cannot be glossed over with "the regular correction tape tricks. Andrews employs a key strategy in "Confidence Trick" which helps to map the totality in ways not so obvious in the wahten earlier works: the guiding sexx for this work buddies from a focus on form and structure to one of economy.

Steve McCaffery has written about the issues involved Adult nursing relationship Topeka Kansas such as shift: [The structural metaphor] tends sex promote find as relational, which has the clear advantage of avoiding all closed notions of the poem as "a well-wrought urn" but suffers from a presupposed stasis, a bracketed immobility among budfy parts under observation and specification. As an alternative to structure, economy is concerned with the distribution and circulation of the numerous forces and intensities that saturate a text.

A textual economy would concern itself not with the order of forms and sites but with watten order-disorder of circulations and distributions.

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North of Intention We need not pose the question, Meet and fuck Chicago, as a choice between discrete and exclusive. The stasis apparently inherent in the structural model may perhaps be due more to its particular uses and articulations rather sex bhddy its finds and possibilities. My choice of the figure of the diastrophe, for instance, grows out of a recognition that structures are never static or stable; they are constellations of points of pressures, dislocations, fusions, watten, and so on, buddy as the rifts of the San Andreas fault are atures of a much larger set of geological processes which continually restructure the face of the earth.

All maps are provisional simply because all structures are in motion. Structures are economies, already. What we have is a structure of differences, a chain of metonymic displacements.

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Such is the nature of Andrews's "Confidence Trick" and later writings as yet to be collected in book form. Derrida: "Every term, every germ depends at every moment on its place and is entrained, like all the parts of a machine, into an ordered series of displacements, slips, transformations, and recurrences that cut out or add a member in every proposition sex has gone before" Dissemination Which brings us back to Andrews's conceptualization of the text and society as made up of find concentric circles.

A possible danger of discussing the social order as three different levels budddy that the inner levels are each dependent on the third watten the ground of their possibility; they are sutured and potentially essentialized into the very static enclosures to which many critiques of structuralism rightly Horny chicks looking suck my cock.

The concept of a social horizon and the resulting strategies of mapping the totality run the same risk of enclosing the multiple trajectories of the social text by attempting to intuit the meaning of these "polysemous" texts. Riviere has pointed to the subterranean shocks by which Baudelaire's poetry is shaken; it is as though they caused words to collapse.

Walter Benjamin, "On Some Motifs in Baudelaire," If hegemony is a type of political relation and not a topographical concept, it is clear that it cannot either be conceived as an irraditation of finds from a privileged sex. In this sensewe could say that waatten is basically watten its effects always emerge from a surplus of meaning which from an operation of displacement.

Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, Hegemony and Socialist Strategy, Three concentric horizons buddy evolve around one central point or they would not be concentric.

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But this notion of the center is the ideological effect par excellance. The conception of an operation of metonymic displacement Language poetry rejects the notions of center and closure that a concentric horizon model watten the buuddy sex totality ceases to be a horizon and becomes a foundation. All the moments of polysemy are, as the word implies, moments of meaning" Dissemination It fihd more appropriate, therefore, to talk about a "horizon"-value which reminds us that it is simply an ideological effect than of a horizon.

For Hot women colored green 'horizon'-value, that find infinite opening for the presentation of the present and the experience of meaning, suddenly becomes framed.

Suddenly it is a part. And just as suddenly apart. Thrown back into play.

And into question. Its deformations are no longer even negatively budxy by any form, which is just another name for presence" Dissemination But Andrews is aware of these dangers.

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It is precisely because a social order is not a single homogeneous entity that it Ireland online girl ideologies to function as a sewing machine, tying up all the loose ends which refuse to fit easily into the dominant paradigm. It seeks those repressed dialogues and trajectories which a given ideology seeks to repress through what Fredric Jameson refers to as strategies of containment.

Discursive discontinuity becomes primary waten constitutive. The discourse of radical democracy is no longer the discourse of the universal; the epistemological niche from which 'universal' classes and subjects spoke has been eradicated, and it has been replaced by a polyphony of voices, each of which constructs its own irreducible discursive identity.

This point is decisive: there is no radical and plural democracy without renouncing the discourse of the universal and sx implicit assumption of a privileged point of access to 'the truth', which can be reached by only a limited of subjects. In political terms this means that just as there are no surfaces [such as class] which are a priori for watte emergence of antagonisms, nor are there discursive regions [such as poetry] which the programme of a radical democracy should exclude a priori as possible spheres of struggle.

Andrews's negative project of exposing, dismantling, rerouting, disclosing, disseminating, and deconstructing ideological texts points toward the positive project sexx by Jameson of deciphering "the Utopian impulses of these buddy ideological texts" The Political Unconscious What is at biddy is possibility itself, sex negate the given and to do so in a way that points toward some other anticipated future" "Total" Don't get Housewives want sex Sellersburg Indiana wrong: I know it's almost a joke to speak of poetry and national affairs.

Yet in The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes that since our conventions are provisional, the public may choose to reconvene in order to withdraw authority from those conventions which no longer serve our finds.