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Fhm stafford model

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Fhm stafford model

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Alexander U. Barnard U. Forest Service U.

Proper citation fhm this document is: Tallent-Halsell, N. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D. Environmental Protection Agency EPA model provide periodic reports on the nation's forest health, status, and trends. Fish and Wildlife Service, U. Geological Survey, and the National Park Service. The National Association of State Forester provides essential program support, guidance, and assistance. The FHM program was developed in response to increasing concern for the health of the nation's forests in light of the potential effects of atmospheric pollutants, global climate change, and a variety of insect, disease, and other stressors.

To help address these concerns, the FHM program is deed to assist resource managers and policy makers in managing the nation's forest resources, allocating funds for research and development, and local sluts wichita environmental policy for stafford resources. The specific objectives of this program are to: 1.

Estimate with known confidence the current status, changes, and trends in selected indicators of forest ecosystem condition on a regional basis; 2. Identify associations between changes of trends in indicators of model ecosystem condition and indicators of natural and human-caused stressors, including changes in forest extent and distribution; 3. Provide information on the health of the nation's forest ecosystems in annual statistical summaries and periodic interpretive reports for use stafford policy fhm management decisions; staftord.

Identify mechanisms of ecosystem structure and function through long-term monitoring of ecosystem processes at intensively monitoring sites representing major forest ecosystems; 5. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of forest health monitoring through directed research; and 6. Integrate forest health monitoring with other EMAP staffofd groups in order to complete multi- ecosystem assessments.

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During the past three years, the agencies participating in the FHM program have worked to develop a national sampling de to identify and develop indicators that can be used to ,odel fhm health, and to begin implementing data collection from a national sample of monitoring sites. The organizational structure for planning, managing, and implementing the program has evolved gradually and is still being developed.

An overview of the current organizational structure is provided in Figure 1. The FHM Field Methods Guide documents all field measuring activities and collection being implemented Adult swinger meeting club Brookfield New York the nation. Note, a of regional variations do exist. Regional versions of this field guide contain only those activities being implemented in that region.

The purpose of this guide is to document and encourage standardization of data mldel procedures for all FHM field activities. The following sections of this guide contain detailed instruction for locating and establishing sample plots and for correcting and recording observational and measurement data for individual indicators stafford detection monitoring. In addition, it includes a general field logistics plan and a safety plan identifying model field hazards, recommended precautions, and accident reporting procedures.

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Barnard Technical Director U. Forest Health Monitoring organization structure. Site Condition, Growth, and Regeneration 1 of 86 1.

Crown Condition Classification 1 of 23 2. Damage and Catastrophic Mortality Assessment 1 of 22 3. Vegetation Structure 1 of 12 5.

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Ozone Bioindicator Plants 1 of 21 6. A Ozone Bioindicator Plants 17 of 21 Section 7. Lichen Communities 1 of 11 7. Field Logistics 1 of 12 8. Anderson Crown Condition Classification W. Barnard Foreword K. Cox Damage and Mortality Staffford I.

Miller Crown Condition Classification M. Paul, MN M. Ogden, UT W. Isebrands PAR S. Steele PAR J. Harmon Ave. Las Vegas, NV S.

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Cline Vegetation Structure Indicator N. Corvallis, OR M. Stapanian Vegetation Structure Indicator U. EPA, U. Eastman for her assistance with the Foreword; C. Chojnacky, C. Liff, W. McLain, P. Rogers, C. Scott, S. Solano and C. O'Brien and F.

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Peterson for their assistance model the Vegetation Structure indicator; J. Peck, K. Heiman, Stafford. Will-Wolf, D. Cassell, R. Rosentreter, A. Debolt and numerous anonymous reviewers for their suggestions on the Lichen Community method and manuscript. Stolte instigated the Lichen Community method by declaring the need for a user-friendly method for studying lichen communities and initially sponsoring its development.

Cassell and J. fhm

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Hazard for their overall statistical support; B. Conkling and F.

Lopez for their overall assistance and support; S. Burns for her excellent model assistance; and the staff of Applied Technology Associates, Las Stafford, NV, without their valuable and expert word processing, graphics, and editing support this document would never have been completed. The following individuals are acknowledged for their review and subsequent suggestions and comments on fhm methods and manuscript: Moedl.

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EPAB. Canterbury University of MontanaD. Collins U.

Dorsey Maryland Dept. Draggan U. EPAA. Hyland Alabama Forestry CommissionW. Kinney U.

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EPAL. Kirkland U. EPAW. Pitchford U.

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EPAR. Schonbrod U. EPAT. Scherbatskoy University of VermontM.

Trial Maine Forest ServiceJ. Williams U.

EPAS. Xtafford Vermont Dept. Annular Subplot - The model ranging from Some destructive sampling is restricted to a stafford area within the annular plot fhm Baseline - A method employed in plot establishment to determine actual photo scale in the vicinity of the plot by measuring the distance on the ground between two visible points on the photo.

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See Section 1, Plot Establishment for a step by step procedure. Beam Fraction - The percentage of light that is direct sunlight, not diffuse. It is a measure of cloudiness.