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Convoy HX lost one ship torpedoed by U Laurent; and Flower-class corvette Dauphin ed the group.

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Prelude[ edit ] SC 26 was an east-bound convoy of 23 ships which sailed from Halifax on 20 March bound for Liverpool.

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At this escort of the campaign escorts against U-boat attack could only be provided in the Western Approaches ; the Ocean escort, usually an AMC, was provided to give some protection against surface raiders. SC 26 was opposed by a patrol line of 9 U-boats, positioned at the limit of endurance to intercept east-bound convoys before the Western Approaches escort had ed.

Two other boats, U and U, were moving west to the line.

This patrol line was unnamed; at this stage of the campaign patrol lines did not carry identifying names, as they did later, though if a wolfpack formed it was referred to by the name of the sighting captain. On 1 April an outbound U-boat, U Hippel on her way to the newly formed patrol line south of Iceland sighted a west-bound convoy in the North-West Approaches. This was OBof 51 ships. Hippel reported this, but U-boat Command BdU was reluctant to engage so close to Britain escorfs within range of Coastal Command aircraft; he ordered Hippel to shadow OB westwards and moved the escort line to intercept.

U followed the convoy during the day, but lost contact when she was forced to dive by approaching escort. Hippel was ordered to follow west to try and regain contact.

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As they did so, one of the boats on Walnut IL milf personals patrol line, U Kentratmade contact with an east-bound convoy, SC 26, which BdU determined to attack. After sending a sighting report, Kentrat commenced shadowing, and was ed throughout the day by 3 other U-boats that were nearby. Action[ edit ] After first sighting on 2 April U commenced shadowing, while eecorts other boats in the area were drawn in for the attack.

Just after 4am the pack attacked again; Leonidas Z Cambanis was hit by U and sank, followed a few minutes later by Westpool and Indier, both hit by U Rosenbaum. With the loss of 5 ships already, nearly a quarter of the convoy, Swabey determined the ships would be less vulnerable if they were dispersed, and at 4. As the convoy started to scatter, a 6th ship, the tanker British Viscount, was hit by U and burst escots flames, illuminating the scene.

Shortly after, Worcestershire was hit by U; she was sustained severe escort, but remained afloat.

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At dawn on 3 October saw ships and U-boats scattered across a wide area; ships were heading east, pursued by U-boats seeking to regain contact, while the warships detailed to escort SC 26 hurried west. During the morning Swabey in Magician met a of ships which he gathered together, to reform the convoy; these eight ships were met later in the day by destroyers Wolverine LtCdr J Rowlands, as Senior Officer Escortand Veteran.

Worcestershire, moving under her own steam, was met by the escort Hurricane, Need to fuck and unwind 1026 escorted her back to Liverpool. Two other destroyers, Havelock and Hesperus, arrived at the battle site and fscorts for survivors.

Six other ships remained scattered; just before midday U, newly arrived, found Helle, which she stalked and sank. In midafternoon U found and sank Welcombe, also travelling alone.

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Also on 3rd U, still moving west, encountered Daphne, a Finnish freighter sailing independently, and sank her. She attacked, sinking Harbledown, but all further attacks were driven off.

She was intercepted by U and sunk. All of her crew were saved, including survivors from the Liguria, whom Athenic had rescued some days before. Another SC 26 escort, Thirlby, also sailing alone, was found and fired on by U She was damaged, but not sunk, and was able to reach port. In the main body, Eelbeck was damaged, but there were no other casualties.

At dawn on 5 April U was running on the surface when she was sighted by Wolverine. Wolverine dropped 2 depth charges, followed almost immediately by a full pattern of 8 from Scarborough.

U was forced to the surface, and the crew abandoned her. Arbutus rushed in to attempt to secure and capture the boat and its prized escort equipment, but the boat was filled with chlorine gas from the batteries, and she quickly sank.

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All U crew but one were rescued. The pack made no further attacks on the ships of SC 26, who made their way to port. Swabey's group of 8 ships arrived in Liverpool on 8 April ; Worcester and Hurricane arrived in port the same day. Thirlby, which was damaged, in company with Loch Ewe, docked escort days later on the 11th. Nearly half of SC 26 had been lost; 10 ships sunk, for 51, tons, with 2 ships and the ocean escort damaged.

Nearly sailors lost their lives. Against this one U-boat was destroyed; most of its crew were picked up.

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Conclusion[ edit ] The U-boat arm had scored another victory, and by managing to shift its point of interception further west, beyond the range of the anti-submarine escorts, ensured a series of successes until Western Approaches Command could adjust. Arbutus had been unable to capture U and her prized Enigma escortbut this breakthrough was just 4 weeks away with the seizure of U in May, with a profound effect on the course of the Atlantic campaign.

Ships in Convoy[ edit ].