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Escorts in the lake forest

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Shuttle services have been suspended until further notice. Public Safety Campus Escorts If you find the need for a Public Safety Officer to escort you from one part of the campus to another during an uncomfortable situation, call

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We are really sorry for the inconvenience and are working with our host to get it back up as soon as possible. Once it's back up it's probably going to be loaded with a bunch of old because our most recent backups went with the server. There is snow on the campus ground and the school in the foreground. The key provides information about the campus buildings,athletic fields, railroad stations, nearby ro, Forest Park, and Lake Michigan.

The frozen ground -

Map was published in the catalogue of Lake Forest Academy. Foresh drawn by Ferry Hall student Margaret Thom '35 and published inside the front cover and first of the Ferry Tales yearbook.

The image depicts a black and shite drawing of the buildings, campus grounds, and athletic facilities of Lake Forest Academt. Also depicted arre trees, folliage, ro, a horse drawn carriage, individuals walking on paths, track and field area, football fields, houses, buildings, dormitories, and other structures.

Ellsworth with the compliments of a member of the Albany Burgess Corps. The photograph was published in the alumni magazine, "The Review".

Illinois digital archives :: lake forest academy and ferry hall archives

There are four elements in the crest: a book symbolizing academics ; a bird flying over water symbolizing freedom of thought and Ferry Hall's physical location ; a leaf symbolizing the wooded campus ; and a rose from oake chapel stained glass window symbolizing strong morals. The banner was presented to the school by Nellie Lehmann Ingraham ' Centennial Belles, May Day, Ferry Hall, Ferry Hall girls edcorts in costumes of various school eras, at the May Day celebration during the school's centennial year.

The garden was planted in Spring ofand Need Girl for oral fun in full bloom for the Fall celebration.

There is snow on the campus ground and trees in the foreground. Students are seated in pews for an assembly and at front is a stained glass window, podium, and american flag. Charles F.

Memorial Gymnasium on the campus of Lake Forest Academy, shortly after it was completed in Cheerleaders from Ferry Hall at Lake Forest Academy, Ferry Hall students serving as cheerleaders for Lake Forest Academy pose in formation wearing white or light colored skirts and sweaters. Cheerleaders, Ferry Hall, The photograph depicts Ferry Hall student cheerleaders posing in formation. The girls would cheer for football games at Lake Forest Academy.

Cheerleaders, Lake Forest Academy, The photograph depicts the Lake Forest Academy football cheerleading squad in a formation on the football field.

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The image was published in the December 18, "Spectator", the Lake Forest Academy student newspaper. Chorus Practice, Ferry Hall, s Ferry Hall students practice singing choral music at the direction of the music teacher.

Some of the dolls are displayed on a ping pong table. This particular envelope urges people to "Avenge Ellsworth. Elmer E.

This particular envelope has an etching of three-quarters bust of Ellsworth. Commemorative Envelope, circa An envelope commemorating the death of Ellsworth. This particular envelope depicts Ellsworth's death and includes a memorial poem by G.