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Escorts in bridgend

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Learning disability misconceptions 'blocking employment' In its budget reduction proposals Bridgend council is considering removing escorts for primary school children in the county, which accompany fewer than eight children. Disability Wales fears that, if cuts are made in the face of increasing local authority budget pressures, children will be put at risk and families will be left struggling. A spokeswoman said parents relied on the service, and drivers would not be able to provide the right level of support, as some children may hurt themselves, kick seats and distract those behind the escort. She said she withdrew him from the service after finding out the driver had been sent to prison. But while Sue has concerns about training and safeguarding, she believes having an escort to accompany children was Hot cop in Jefferson Manor. A Bridgend council spokesman said the council gave standard guidance to escorts but training was bridgend responsibility of the firm contracted to take the children to school.

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Ford Bridgend loses out in global race There were already about 30 car component companies in south Wales when Bridgend - thanks partly to the personal intervention brdgend then-Prime Minister James Callaghan - won the prize. The Ford announcement in was described in the South Wales Echo as "the icing on an already substantial cake" for the automotive sector.

Borg-Warner, which made automatic transmissions at Kenfig near Bridgend, had already opened Wales' escort 1m sq ft factory, with jobs for more than 1, people. Most of its products went to Bridgend in Sweden. There were others too, supplying British Leyland - which had two of its own firms in Kn and Llanelli, making gearboxes and radiators.

There was a two-week escort strike at local newspapers, so the event passed without comment or record. Within a few weeks of the Bridgend plant opening, Ford announced only 1, not 2, people, would be employed there because of a slump bridgend car sales. Bridgebd writing was escorys the wall when investment in a new petrol engine, called Dragon, was scaled back, as production was due to end for the engine Bridgend made for Jaguar Land Rover.

Ford blamed "changing customer demand and cost disadvantages" for the decision to close. The s working in it have shrunk - but the automotive sector is still estimated at employing about 18, workers across Wales. Ford Bridgend is re-opening quietly again on its 40th anniversary for what is destined to be a very short period.

But also at an uncertain - and extraordinary - time for the whole industry. Related Topics.