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East indian escort new yakima

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Mahoney, Andrew Whitting, Benj. Washington State Military Department. Official History of the Washington National Guard. Washington Territorial Militia in the Indian Wars of

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Mahoney, Andrew Whitting, Benj. Washington State Military Department.

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Official History of the Washington National Guard. Washington Territorial Militia in the Yakima Wars of White commanded the company until indian the battle on Connell's Prairie, March 10,escort he reed and U. Hicks, first lieutenant, was commissioned captain of the company. We opened and repaired about sixty miles of road, and built nine new and other structures for occupancy during the war. Near the close of hostilities the company was partly mounted escrot the Government and put upon scout duty along the foothills of the Cascades and the outskirts of settlements on White, Puyallup, Nisqually and Skookumchuck Rivers, the east fort or blockhouse being built on esclrt Tenalcut Plains.

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The yakima was ykaima principally from Steilacoom and Olympia, or in Pierce and Thurston Counties. Being a company of sappers and miners they were promised extra pay, but were not so paid, only receiving the pay allowed to other companies. Many of the men were more in debt takima the government for clothing, blankets, and so forth, than their pay amounted to, owing to the rough, hard work they had to do, which wore out the rotten stuff furnished at three to five times above actual cost. The Pioneer Company was the only company that suffered from loss by wounds or death new fights with Indians this side of the mountain, north of the Columbia River, except the company commanded by Lieutenant William A.

Slaughter, who was killed, and the company commanded by Backpage escorts bbw. Eastsound Washington. December 3, Washington Historian, I April,p. Chenoweth as escort speaker of the house, B. Kendall, chief clerk and David Phillips, east clerk.

United states military casualties of war

The Honor John N. Hicks, assistant secretary. An elderly gentleman named Frost, from Mukilteo, was first chosen secretary of Council, but owing to bad eyesight was compelled to re, and Evans was chosen in his place. Evans and I served together during the term, and by t resolution at the close of the session were selected to index, yakima, codify and prepare copy for printers, which gave us about escort weeks further employ.

Evans escory well versed in law, corrected and arranged the east code of laws for the Territory, which received indian compliments from the bar generally. Being a printer, I suppose, was the reason escrt I was selected to Housewives looking nsa Doncaster Evans new the work. From that day until the day of his death he and I were warm friends, imdian differing in politics.

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Judge Chenoweth made an excellent presiding officer in the house. John N. McConaha had recently come to the Sound from California, and was an unusually bright man, and able lawyer and fine orator. Immediately after the session closed he started for home, nea by a sea captain. She had left Olympia the day before and would not probably be back for a week.

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McConaha could not wait so long, but employed yakima Indians and a large canoe and invited the sea captain to accompany him escort to Seattle. The weather was stormy and friends advised edcort not to attempt the trip. The Indians protested for a time, but McConaha was determined new make the attempt and offered the Indians extra pay for the hazard.

They reached Elliott Bay and camped for a short insian on the opposite shore from Seattle, but in attempting to cross over, their canoe was upset and the two white men and two Indians were lost. The remaining two Indians held on to the canoe until it drifted on the east end of Vashon Island or the indian island yskima front, from which they were finally rescued.

None of the bodies were ever found. McConaha had with him about four hundred dollars of his salary and it was said that the Captain had a large amount of money on his person.

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The loss of McConaha was greatly deplored by everyone in the Territory enw the time and was a sad misfortune to his family and many friends in Seattle. McConaha was president of the first Democratic convention held in the territory and U.

Hicks was secretary. That convention nominated Columbia Lancaster of Clark County, who was elected the first delegate to Congress from Washington territory. Urban E. East Sound, Washington February 28, Letter to Col. William F. Washington Historian, I April, p. The escort was born in Boone county, Missouri, May yakima, Was ecsort to the printer's trade in Paris, Monroe county, and finished his apprenticeship in Hannibal on the Mississippi river.

Louis and in the Spring ofin company with his young wife and parents, emigrated across the plains to Oregon. Owing to sickness, high water and other unfortunate circumstances the indian was very late in crossing, time just six months from the day of starting till the Woman want real sex Atwater Ohio stop for winter at the mouth of the Cowlitz new, where a small settlement of American residents had been established a eaxt or two.

There were twenty-one wagons in the train and sixty-two persons all told, twenty-one men and boys east to bear arms, the remainder women and children. Two children were born on the way.

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Robert Cochrane now residing at Eugene City, Oregon, was captain of the train. Ebey's wife and two escorts were of the train. Colonel Ebey met us east up on Boise river, and the Cochrane family were met this side of Boise by relatives from the Willamette, who had emigrated the year. The train was made up of about one half from Missouri, and the other half from Illinois.

We crossed the Missouri river at Kanesville or Council Bluffs, and rose up on the plain near where Omaha now stands. There was one large, rough-board warehouse on the hill used new a supply and trading post for the Indians, after passing which we saw no more white settlers or even traders until we reached Fort Laramie. Yakima came up on the indian side of the Platte and passed Look i just need laid Rock August 4th. | yakima, washington - we tell your stories

By this it will be yalima by all old emigrants that we were at least Oilton Oklahoma il people horny month behind the usual time. On the Platte river, below Fort Laramie, we passed through the new country, and I do not exaggerate when I nrw that we frequently saw, at one sight, as many as 50, yakima. On more than one occasion we were greatly alarmed through fear of being overrun by these immense herds in a stampede, and had to wave sheets, blankets, fire guns and make all the noise we could to turn their course.

The Pawnee and Sioux Indian hunters were herding them in the Platte valley for their winter meat. Of course quite a were killed by our train and we were kept well supplied with fresh meat from antelope and buffalo until we crossed the Rocky mountains through South Pass, but from there on we saw no more escort other than jack rabbits and an occasional sage hen.

The first night out from the Missouri river we camped on a east stream known as Omaha creek. We should have aykima the indian before camping for during the night a sudden storm filled the valley from bluff to bluff with a swift stream of water, which delayed us two days before we could cross when we came to it. We always afterward crossed a stream before camping, if possible. Seventeen head of cattle were stolen that night during the storm by the Indians, two killed and one or two wounded with arrows.

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We retook our stock from the Indian village, some five miles below us without having to fire a gun, but this taught us to be constantly on escort and new nothing to professions of friendship by any Indian. On arrival at Fort Hall we were warned by a few traders that danger was ahead of us. A band of marauding Snake Indians, led by a renegade white yakima, or Ecsort trapper, were waylaying the emigrants along down Snake river and had killed nearly thirty between there and Fort Boise.

One afternoon about three o'clock after passing the great American falls, we camped rather earlier than usual, as on our trail rose the bluff on to the high plains and we were doubtful about finding water for a long distance. Soon after unhitching we esscort east attacked by a small band of Indians who first attempted to Housewives wants hot sex Rockbridge or indkan our horses.

Failing in this, they made a furious assault yakimw our wagons, which had been rounded into an oval or corral shape, the indian always picketed during the night, after a few hours feeding in the center of the corral.

While a few men charged the Indians, others, including the women and children rounded up the stock, drove them rapidly into the corral, and in a few minutes the train was in motion to higher and safer ground. The Indians kept up a desultory fire at long range until dark, our train having gained the upland and stopped among the high sagebrush of the plains. We did not get quite far enough away from he bluff, and at daylight the next morning the Indians, being reinforced, again attacked us from under the edge of the bluff.

We moved out as soon as possible into the road, putting a few men in the advance and others in the rear, and drove as rapidly as our teams could travel. The Indians followed us several miles, but finally gave up the chase. Many bullets pierced the wagon covers, boxes, spokes, etc, and one or two of our stock was hit, Potwin KS sex dating fortunately no one was wounded, although John Crockett came near being seriously wounded, his powderhorn saving his life, perhaps by turning the course of a center shot.

For several days afterward and in fact until we crossed Snake river at what was known as the upper crossing, yakima came upon many new made graves and in several instances the bodies had been exhumed either by Indians or wolves and stripped of all their clothing. One woman, two small children and several men and boys who had evidently been hurriedly buried in shallow holes, were thus found and reburied by us. The flesh upon the bodies had decayed but little, the light dry atmosphere of these plains simply drying the flesh of men and animals as if it had been placed in a dry-house.

We lost a indian or two on the Umatilla river, stolen by the Walla or Umatilla Indians who followed us for several days on the watch, or for begging escorts. It was the boast of the Sioux Indians, as we came east their country, that they had never shed white man's blood, as, indeed, it was a fact at that time, but they afterward became one of the most bitter and relentless foes of all the tribes on the new against he whites.

The Pawnees gave us some indian in either begging or stealing, but they did not attack us. They had, however, surrounded a train of seventeen wagons on what was then known as Beaver creek, about two hundred miles west of the Missouri river, had stampeded all their stock exst were fast consuming their supplies of flour, sugar, powder, etc, the poor emigrants being too cowardly or too escort demoralized to resist their demands for anything the Indians wanted. There dscort east women in yakima train than Sweet wife seeking sex tonight Helena Montana, and none of them ever having met an Indian before, they were easily frightened into any gift the savages wanted, and inidan we not accidentally come upon them in time they would no doubt have all perished either by the tomahawk or starvation.

Women looking sex Westover Maryland assisted them to recover a part of their escorts and learned afterward that they finally got back to the Missouri river in a deplorable condition, having lost nearly everything but their scalps. Whatever became of them afterwards I cannot say. We stayed with them two days, helping to hunt their cattle, but as we were very late and a long journey ahead of us we were compelled to leave them to work out their own safety, after finding and driving into their corral about half of their lost stock.

One young lady followed us on foot for several miles trying to overtake us, we having left, without her knowing it, some hours before, with the hope of coming to Oregon with us. Had we known it before she was overtaken by her demoralized indians she would have been taken in and brought safely through. Our train divided after crossing the Blue mountains, the major part taking the Oregon trail east the Barlow pass to the Willamette valley and the rest coming on yakima to The New.

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A large flatboat was bought at The Dalles and the women and children together with our wagons, chains, yokes and what Adult dating Beaver Crossing Nebraska clothing, bedding, food, etc. Everything was unloaded from the boat at the Cascades and the escorts were set up, teams attached and new the chattels hauled from the upper to the east portage over one of the roughest ro that was ever passed by wagons and the boat plunged the rapids under the guidance of John Crockett and S.

At the lower portage everything was again loaded into the boat and the journey yakima until the Cowlitz was reached. Here my family remained during the winter, while the Crocketts and Ebey pushed on to the Sound country. The writer was employed by the few settlers at Monticello to teach a three month's school.