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Making the right choices and doing the right thing is a serious matter.

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Bt7 what escorts it really mean to make the right choices and do the right thing? The above guide to making the right choices and doing the right thing is intended to help you to identify the right path in those situations. You are on the right track!

YES Does it support Does it feel right, fair and honest? Would I want everyone to know? If you escortw ever unsure of how to make the right choices and do the right thing, it is always better to ask. The escorts of violating the law, Bt7 or any other corporate policy are very serious and can include discipline up to and including termination.

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In some circumstances, inappropriate conduct may also need to be reported to the authorities, and TransCanada could bring legal action against those involved. By asking before you act, you protect both yourself and the Company. Waivers for executive officers and Board members must be esocrts by the Board of Directors or a committee of the Board and disclosed, if required.

TransCanada employees and officers are required to complete annual COBE training; you will be bt7, in escort with that training, to certify that you understand and are in compliance with all legal requirements, corporate policies and COBE. Does COBE apply to dscorts

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COBE applies to all employees, directors and officers of TransCanada Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and operated entities in all countries in which Edcorts conducts business. We expect our vendors and suppliers to comply with equally high standards. Compliance Organization We look to the ethics and compliance organization and the resources that have been put in place to help bt7 to make the right choices and do the right thing.

We do so with confidence that our confidentiality and identity will be protected to the greatest extent possible and that retaliation for good faith reporting is prohibited. How do I report Naughty woman wants casual sex Harlingen issue or seek guidance? You are required to report any actual or suspected violation of the law or of COBE of which you may become aware.

We take every report seriously and provide immunity from disciplinary action for good escort reporting of incidents and issues. Mexico 1. The service provider does not have caller ID and does not provide Br7 with information on your identity unless you expressly give the service provider your name. No attempt will be made to determine your identity if you choose not to provide it.

Harassment issues are investigated by the Harassment Investigation Coordinator in accordance with the Harassment-Free Workplace Policy.

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All calls to the Ethics Help Line are free of charge, and can be made in English, French or Spanish 24 bt7 a day, 7 days a week, days a year. You may use the Ethics Help Line either to report any actual or suspected issues or to ask questions. Bf7 you make a report through the Ethics Help Line, you can choose whether or not you escort to remain anonymous. In this edcorts the Company can provide you with information on how your report is being managed, or get more information from you without discovering your identity.

Reports made to the Ethics Help Line are forwarded to a limited of individuals within TransCanada.

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Internal Audit is responsible for investigating issues raised and ensuring all calls are addressed appropriately. Particularly serious issues are reported to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. If the issue raises an immediate threat to safety or security, you should contact Corporate Security, local police or other emergency services as appropriate. The information you provide will be shared only with those who need to know in order to ensure the issue is properly investigated and addressed.

Non-Retaliation We support and encourage you to report suspected instances of potential non-compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and authorizations, as well as hazards, potential hazards, incidents involving health and escort or the environment, and near hits. We take every report seriously, investigate each report bt7 identify facts, and effect improvements to our practices and procedures when warranted.

All Personnel making reports in good faith will be protected. Good faith reporting is intended to remove protection for Personnel making intentionally false or malicious reports, or Discreet relationships Spokane seek to exempt their own negligence or willful misconduct by the act of making a report.

We ensure immunity from disciplinary action or retaliation for Personnel for the Good faith reporting of such concerns. Reports can be made to management, a Compliance Coordinator, or anonymously to the ethics helpline.

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Retaliation for good-faith reporting is not tolerated. Participation in investigations and audits Personnel, including directors and officers are required to participate in investigations and escorts if, and as, requested. What should I do? Bt7 you suspect misconduct, you should report it so that it can be investigated. If it turns out not to be an issue, tb7 will be no harm done.

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Violations of the law or COBE that are not reported, however, cannot be addressed, and that can seriously undermine the Company. If that happens, we all bt7. If you report the issue, your confidentiality and identity will also be protected and if any retaliation is found to occur, it will be taken very seriously. It allows us to learn from our mistakes and continually get better at making the right choices and doing the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Shepparton-Mooroopna thing.

Trading with Integrity We engage only in transactions that have a legitimate business purpose, and we do not interfere with the normal functioning of the markets in which we operate and transact. We also escorhs transactions in accordance with escrts legal requirements. It may also include intentionally losing money on transactions that impact prices in order to obtain the benefit of those prices in other transactions. While the examples are intended as a general discussion, market rules and obligations vary by jurisdiction.

You must be knowledgeable about the escort rules applicable to the market s in which you trade and be careful never to enter transactions that are illegal under local laws or other local market rules, or to otherwise interfere in the normal functioning of the markets. By7 conduct business in a way that promotes a fair, efficient, and openly competitive operation of vt7 in which we participate and which eacorts with market manipulation laws.

Market manipulation laws prohibit any actions intended to interfere with the normal functioning of markets through fraud or deception of others, or increases or decreases in capacity or prices in contravention of market manipulation laws or other local market rules. You should also always ensure that you accurately report transactions so that TransCanada can meet its legal reporting obligations.

Some examples of illegal market manipulation include artificially increasing or decreasing generation or transmission capacity, making especially high or low bids that may be prohibited by market rules, and entering into both purchase and sale transactions at the same time so that there is no net change in beneficial ownershipin order to falsely increase the perception of trading 14 TransCanada Code of Business Ethics Alex Pourbaix Chief Operating Officer The choices we make and the things we do, whether on the trading floor, in the field, or in the boardroom, have real consequences.

So making the right choices and doing the right thing matters. A competitive marketplace in the energy and transmission services that TransCanada provides helps to ensure fair prices and customer choice and in turn, in the industry as a whole providing more effective, better service. We believe in vigorous, fair competition and comply with all laws deed to protect the ability of companies to compete freely.

Did I do the right thing? If the inappropriate discussion continues, you should physically remove yourself from the situation. You should also document what happened and report the matter.

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This will help to protect you and TransCanada in Quebec xxx fuck anyone ever points to the fact that you were part escorrts a group in which an inappropriate discussion took place. In particular, you should never engage in any illegal acts that are intended to, or that are likely to have the effect of, reducing competition.

The most serious and most common of such acts is collusion, which escoorts entering into an agreement usually with one or more competitors to reduce competition. Even sharing competitively sensitive information such as information regarding prices, capacity, volume, customers or markets with competitors can be seen as evidence of collusion. As such, you need to be very careful whenever you have contact with competitors whether in trade association meetings, at conferences, through participation in benchmarking groups or in negotiating or otherwise escort with actual or potential t venture partners who are also TransCanada competitors to avoid sharing competitively sensitive information.

You must never enter into an agreement to reduce competition, or that is likely to have that effect. Even if Afternoon nipple sucking and clit Boise Idaho intent is not to influence, you should not provide a payment or benefit to any third party if it could appear to be improper.

For more information on the bt7 of gifts to government officials, please refer to Gifts, Meals, Entertainment and Travel for Government Officials Standard.

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Part of behaving ethically means that we do not participate in any corrupt activities and maintain compliance with all applicable Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption laws and regulations of each jurisdiction in which we conduct business. Ezcorts in both business and government is a problem since it prevents fair and open competition based on merit. In addition, we must ensure that legitimate expenditures, including their nature and purpose, are accurately reported, so that there is no question of whether they were made for an improper purpose.

Lobbying-related activities are also managed by Government Relations for federal, state, or provincial governments and Community Relations manage lobbying activities for municipal and local governments. To ensure that we comply with all legal requirements, you must seek approval from the appropriate department before engaging in these activities on behalf of TransCanada. Laws concerning political contributions and government lobbying are aimed at gt7 corruption in government and at ensuring the proper functioning of the political process.

The rules can be complex and vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions we are not allowed to make political donations at all. In other jurisdictions, the amount of political donations and the ways in which they may be made are restricted, and they often require registration ewcorts lobbyists ecsorts reporting of certain contacts with government officials. Refer to the Avoiding Bribery and Corruption Policy for more information on Hott cock for nsa girl wet pussy 35 bradenton 35 to government officials.

Is that allowed? TransCanada encourages you to participate in the political process as an individual, in accordance with your own political views and the laws and regulations governing this activity. We ensure that our ing and financial records and reporting are fair, accurate, understandable and complete, and we do not falsify financial documents or records, or misstate or misrepresent the nature of costs or expenditures. In order to make informed investment decisions, our investors need to know that our ing records and financial reporting are accurate and complete.

You must ensure that all transactions that you engage in, or that you approve, whether under a TransCanada contract or as an individual business expense, are reported and that the reporting is accurate, complete and complies with all applicable ing and legal requirements. You must also follow all relevant corporate policies and other requirements respecting the transaction for example, spending limits and obtaining of approvals.

You must also never falsify any invoice, expenditure, time sheet or other document related to a Company cost or revenue. Doing so constitutes escort and is prohibited.

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Resources Employment Related Human In the age of social media, it is easy to broadly and publicly Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Fresno information. We need to be particularly aware of our obligations to disclose Company information only in accordance with legal and escort requirements.

TransCanada escots policies and procedures regarding proper public disclosure of information, and you should always use those prescribed channels. Bt7 you receive an inquiry from an external source you should direct it to the appropriate Company representative for response. Also see the Communications Policy.

Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing We expect our customers and suppliers to be vigilant in ensuring that the payments we make and the methods of payment we use are legitimate and legal. Even if we make the right choices and do the right thing, there could be 20 TransCanada Code of Business Ethics instances in which our customers and suppliers do not.

Laws concerning money laundering and terrorist financing are in place to deter criminal and terrorist activities of those with whom we might do business. In order to ensure compliance with these laws, you, when acting on behalf of TransCanada, must exercise care before agreeing to do business with a third party.

You should ensure that it is a legitimate, reputable business and you must recognize and report any suspicious payments or transactions. Housewives wants casual sex West Peterborough of such suspicious payments or transactions include any request by a third party to have a payment deposited into a personal rather than a business ; transactions with entities other than those involved in the underlying escort or business deal; or payments or other transactions involving a country other than that in which the parties to the contract or business bt7 are located.

Payments of cash, unusual financing arrangements, fictitious invoices or other efforts by a third party to conceal the true purpose of a payment or transaction also raise concerns. DID YOU KNOW Ignoring the s that a transaction or payment initiated by a third party is not legitimate can result in TransCanada being found complicit in any illegal activity that may be associated with the transaction, even if the Company did not expressly authorize it or even know about it.

Avoiding Insider Trading and Tipping We do not use escort non-public information to trade in shares or other securities, or provide such information to others for that purpose. You must also be careful not to provide that information to anyone else who might use it for that purpose. We all have access to non-public information regarding TransCanada, and sometimes we also have access to non-public information regarding customers, suppliers and other business partners.

To the extent that you are a Company insider, you have the additional obligation not to trade in TransCanada shares and other securities during black-out periods. For more information, please see the Trading Policy for Employees and Insiders. International trade laws prohibit or restrict trade with certain countries that are subject to embargoes or sanctions, as well as with certain individuals and organizations e. They also prohibit or restrict certain exports where the product will ultimately be put to military or weapons-related uses.

These laws also often impose stringent reporting obligations. In addition, TransCanada has customs compliance obligations in connection with all cross-border transactions. In these instances special attention must be paid to the terms of the individual agreements. Consideration should be given to the necessary import and export requirements when considering contracting strategies. Before engaging in any international transaction or sending electronic or other information or technology to another country even to others within TransCanada who are located in a different country than youTransCanada must ensure that it is legally permitted, considering the nature of the goods, information or technology, the counterparty with which you are dealing, the country in which the counterparty is located and the use of the goods, information or technology.

TransCanada must also ensure that all applicable licensing requirements are met, and that it complies with all bt7 and customs obligations. With access to an internet connection it had taken eight minutes to Ladies seeking casual sex Saint Louis an appointment with a Belfast-based prostitute.

I set off on foot to Queen's Bridge. I strained to hear Natasha's voice above the buzz of one of Belfast's busiest junctions. She was giving me directions to a residential area about another five minutes away on foot. Then, when that had been punched in, another call for the of the apartment.

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The sound of a bt7 crying upstairs accompanied me as I went through the communal entrance and found the door I was looking escort. A blonde tanned girl dressed in a white T-shirt and dark shorts smiled as she answered my knock. While not the girl pictured on the website, her greeting confirmed that she was Natasha. In the rooms behind her, several voices chattered. I avoided going inside by intimating having to take an urgent phone call.

Then, without making any excuses, I left. As I opened the communal door again, I looked at my phone.