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To filter that reportyou could use the Filters pane on the report canvas. Or you speical add query string parameters to the URL to pre-filter the report. Perhaps you have a report you'd like to show colleagues and you want to pre-filter it for them. This article uses the Retail Analysis Sample report.

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Next, create a table in Desktop with these new report URLs. Then publish and share the report. Another use for query string parameters is for someone creating an advanced Power BI solution. Using DAX, they create a report that generates a filtered report URL dynamically based on the selection their customer makes in the current report. When customers select the URL, they see only the intended information.

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Query string parameter syntax for filtering With parameters, you can filter the report for one or more values, even if those values contain spaces or special characters. The basic syntax is fairly straightforward; start with the report URL, add a question mark, and then add your filter sspecial.

Fields that are hidden from report view can still be filtered. Field types Field type can be adatetime, or string and the type used must match the type set in the dataset. Strings must be enclosed with single quotes, as in 'manager name'.

s require no special formatting. See Numeric data types in this article for details.

What is a power bi app? - power bi | microsoft docs

Dates and times See Date data types in this article. If it's still confusing, continue reading and we'll break it down. App deers create the dashboards and reports and bundle them together into an app. The deers then share or publish the app to a location where you, the business user, can access it.

After you install an app, you don't have to remember the names of a lot of different dashboards or reports because they're all together in one app, spedial your browser or on your mobile device. With apps, whenever the app author releases updates, you either get a notification or you automatically see the changes.

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The author also controls how often the data is scheduled to refresh, so you don't need to worry about keeping it up to date. Get a new app There are several different ways to get a new app.

You can search, find, and install apps and app deers can share apps with you. Browse through the list of apps in the Power BI apps marketplace until you find one to install.

Choose from Organizational apps, which are only available to people in your company, or Template apps, which are published by Microsoft and the community for any Power BI user to install. There are a few other ways to get apps.

Some of these ways are listed below. But for detailed step-by-step instructions for getting and exploring an app, see Open and interact with an app. The app deer can install the app automatically in your Power BIand the next time you open the Power BI service, you'll see the new app in your Apps content list.

The app deer can you a direct link to an app. Selecting the link opens the app in the Power BI service.

In Power BI on your mobile device, you can only install an app from a direct link, and not from the apps marketplace.