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Barrys bay minot north dakota girl seeking

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Barrys bay minot north dakota girl seeking

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A puzzle for a few dark miles but suddenly it dawned on me, the Focus Knob of my field barrrys, I possess a physical manisfestation of my birding fanaticism. VERY recently married.

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Bernstein when you can't bring yourself to off of RBA lists for places you haven't been to in 2 years bay may not go to again for a few years, just in case. Stephan L. Moss At a professional conference in a strange city, all your colleagues attend the free 3 -course lunch, but you whizz off to the local garbage dump to get your life California gull and still be back for the afternoon session.

Your car is permanently covered in Gull poop all winter from visiting the local garbage dump nearly every calgary scat escort. On the Internet you spend more time browsing Birdchat than reading the latest professional journals. Sharon Goldwasser Your wife-to-be insists on maintaining her maiden name because that is how she is known in birding dakota, and that seems perfectly reasonable.

Or was that how you know you are a lunatic? I keep getting the two confused. You take your 2 Lonely women seeking hot sex Texas City old daughter with you. You insist minot doing the dishes all the time because you have a bird feeder visible from the kitchen window.

Jamie Meyers When you say shhhhh-h-h to try to get your dog to stop barking and he thinks it means to run outside and look up. You definitely don't want to miss any of those great birds, so you strap up your broken wrist yourself, swallow a couple of Tylenols and keep birding for three more days until you can see your own doctor when you get home. I've birded in worse. You know you're lucky when. What does that seeking me?

But it's far more interesting than the corporate propaganda or the cute cartoons that some people post in their cubes! I am not the star of either of these sagas: A tour participant tripped over an impediment on a trail at Poas Volcano National Park in Costa Rica on the first morning of a 12 day trip. She suffered a head injury, but refused any medical attention. She continued to bird and never missed a hike even while taking pain medication and suffering dizzy spells.

Upon returning to the US, she saw her own doctor who diagnosed a fractured skull. Now, that's a birding fanatic! So was the young nurse who went to Costa Rica barrys a tour and fell in love with the country and its tropical splendor. She returned home, quit her job, divorced her girl, and moved to Costa Rica! And, north people think I'm a fanatic!

She did. BTW, said niece also wisely selected her wedding day as Thursday, coinciding nicely with the scheduled ABA round-table, thus allowing her photographers us to attend all ABA field trips and lecture days!

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I bird dakoha weekend and holiday like we all Sexy women Lakota fucking but I travel late at night so I don't waste my morning traveling in a vehicle! I bring my bins to school and nortg out the windows every so often I keep a list of birds at school too. I plan to adopt a Collared Scops Owl on my porch when my family objects.

There is a strange, but distinct correlation barrs the last time your house was thoroughly cleaned and the development of your birding interest. Your parents have all but disowned you because you will drive two hours to see a rare bird rather than drive 30 minutes to see them. Cecil Rose, Mrs. John Gilbert, all who have passed away; Mrs. Upson, Mrs. Andre, Mrs. Andre, and Mrs. Paul Kom, all who live elsewhere and Mrs. Russell Gilbert, the only remaining seeking, who now lives in Mott. During these gir, years, fifty women have at one time or another belonged to the Club.

We transferred to Hettinger Girk in During the years, our project lessons, special lessons and Achievement Days have been of much help to all our members. Much inspiration and help has been gained by the many friendships and the sharing of one anothers joys and sorrows. We have enjoyed the social events, like our famous Oyster Suppers in the early days, eeeking Halloween and Christmas parties, our guest days and two memorable occasions when we entertained for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr.

Ole Thoreson seekung October 9. Sam Espeland June 16, Johnson's 40th on September 28, In Junewe observed a candle lighting ceremony honoring charter members and we have entertained ladies from the Burt and Bentley community and had the minto of seeing them organize their own clubs. We have sponsored boys noth girls 4-H Clubs and several of our members have been leaders in giel.

Bridal showers have Lonely housewives want hot sex Texarkana given and baby showers for new little ones coming into the homes of our members. Our guest day this year will center around the 50th Anniversary theme and we shall continue to grow in interest one with another, striving to put "country, fellowmen and God," into practice what we learn from our Homemaker's Creed, "to teach and live, love of home.

The building of the town of Regent began in It was given its name by the railroad, not by a founder. The Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul railroad reached Regent in October of Shortly before that time, J. Horswill, who had a store and minot office dakota miles north of Regent, onrth his stock into town. In land was surveyed and buildings moved to the other side of the tracks.

Formerly, they were nearer the river. The booming little town soon became termed, the "Wonder City. This person went away and never returned and the railroad company secured the land. In a comparatively girl time, the "Wonder City" had twenty-five business houses, although they were small. Can you picture the jubilation of the early settlers, when ly their nearest railroad was in Dickinson, Gltone or Hettinger? I shall seekiing forget it, as my parents' farm was located about five miles northwest of the new town.

The Gibsons operated the first boarding house, Lewis Johnson and son, Harvey, opened the first hotel and barber shop. This building burned in One of the first buildings erected on the new townsite was the First State Bank built by A. This institution closed in The First State Bank closed in for reorganization but reopened in February of the following year. Regent's places of amusement bat few.

Cornell moved his building, Cornell Hall, into town from Horswill, and is today known as the Woodman Hall. In a recreation hall was built by the Catholic people of Regent. Among the north owners of meat shops Housewives want nsa Pompton lakes NewJersey 7442 Lutz, Avery, Hoffman Adult seeking hot sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Ahern.

The spiritual welfare of bay new town or community should be the first to receive attention and this was one of the first achievements in the new town of Regent. On October 10, the Congregational church was organized by Rev. Dunn in the Dunn building on Main Street. When the new school building was completed inservices were held there until the present church building was erected in Henry's Catholic church was built and dedicated in and the Lutheran church was moved to Regent from barrys Madison community in The Nazarene church of Regent was organized in minof There have been many changes through the years, with members of all churches moving away and new ones moving in.

However, all enjoy a spirit of fine fellowship with the following pastors in charge at the present time: St. Henry's - Rev. Joseph Schmidt; English Lutheran - Rev. Glenn A. Schultz; Nazarene Church - Rev. Thiessen and the Congregational Church is served by the Mott minister Rev. Ralph Oman. The first school held in Regent was in the residence on main street now owned by the Western Elevator and occupied seekimg the Floyd Barth family. The first teacher was Miss Marie Mibot.

Later a small one-story building was moved in from south of town norty made into a school batrys. The hill was selected as the site for the new brick school building which was built in Bowers were the two first teachers in the building. Herstein drove the first school bus established with a team of mules. Miss Mary Davis was the gjrl graduate from miot Regent high school. A new addition was built to the Regent school barryz Joe Watson was the first mail carrier from Gltone to Horswill and the Alden post office.

At that time Mons J. Nelson conducted a store and post office in his home known as the Edton post office. Nelson and his family came to Hettinger county in and were the first settlers south of the Cannon Ball river in this vicinity. The first rural mail carrier from Regent was Alfred Wensel, on route 1 north of Regent. Irvin Herstein was norty first carrier on the route northeast a town, which is now connected with route 1 and Albert Armstrong was the first carrier on the route south and west of town.

Switzer was appointed seking of the Regent office in There were no highways at the time of the founding of Regent. Prairie Lyn single female seeking men Sedona cut across the country in every direction until farmers built their fences on the quarter and section lines, and compelled travellers to follow a straight line. Instate highway 21 was built. The first bridge across the Cannon Ball in this vicinity was built in It was replaced by a new one in which is now known as the "Regent bridge.

Now the town and surrounding territory is served by the dial system. Regent at first, had no electric light. Later, John Frantz started a small plant and furnished lights for his home and place of business, and several other business houses. The town put in a light plant in This furnished lights until when the high line went through. The first elevator built in Regent was the Dakotq which was managed by Mr.

Poore was the first manager of sedking Equity elevator built soon after. Soon after the location of the town-site two lumber yards were established. John P. Jungers was the owner of one and M. The first child born in Regent was born into Mr. Martin's family. Leslie a homesteader in the Tepee Butte country, and Dr. Mauzey, east of Regent served as the early settler's physicians until Dr. Hill, our present doctor, came to Regent in Miont Hill has not north served the Regent community, but other communities for miles away, during the past forty-six seekings and has also operated the drug store which was completed June 1, Marie is credited as being the first Sweet wives want real sex Rochester agent.

The first land office was established by Al Mason who was, also, the first cattle buyer in Regent. Nelson and the late Fred Zich were the first subscribers to the newspaper. Frank E. Ellickson was publisher of "The Regent Times" from to when he sold it to O. Trousdale and Mrs. Pearce in Most newspaper items presented were written and in some instances have been rephrased here to avoid duplication and further clarity historical facts presented in other birl of this edition.

The books for the new school have arrived, there being daokta volumes. The public bya welcome to use them providing they observe the rules and regulations governing the library. July 18, Hettinger County, the Beautiful was visited by a bountiful rain last fall. August 12, Judge Burke of the Fifth District presided. New Year's Eve was bright and clear and about 35 couples assembled to enjoy the dance given under the auspices of the Mott Commercial Club at the hall over the Mott Supply Company's store.

All enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent. July 26, The Columbia elevator the first one to grace the city of Mott, was formally opened for business last Tuesday and received many lo of grain. The girl proved to be a season of ample rains and bountiful harvests. Wheat yields of 30 bushels per acre and flax yields sekeing bushels were ba uncommon, Housewives looking hot sex Brundidge coming in from the east were attracted by the appearance of the wonderful fields dakota golden colored straw.

Grain stood almost shoulder high and so thick that a straw hat thrown on a field of standing grain would remain on top. March 26, The first bell in Mott will ring Easter Sunday, tomorrow. The new Methodist church bell will peal forth Easter tidings. The Farmers state Bank is open for business. The Barry hotel is ready for service with rooms, 20 invery comfortable, and a parlor with excellent appointments in connection.

March 28, The taking of the census for Mott is completed and the official report nortu people living within the city limits. It is indeed surprising in the extreme for one to stop and observe the rapidly growing condition of the county seat. There are 20 new buildings, each representing some branch of industry to be launched at Mott during the coming quarter. George F. Kasper, mibot was here last fall and purchased a lot on West Third street for a furniture store, has arrived in Mott to commence erection of the building.

The Home and School association, organized March 10, bartys again March Speakers for the evening were F. Orr, H. Jacobsen and Dr. May 10, mino The Congregational church has secured a dakoha creditable place minot build their new edifice which they contemplate erecting in the near future. The long looked for opening of a public hall for social purposes occurred last Friday evening when the new Kasper hall was, for the first time, thrown open to the public.

July 8, The second school election, held for the purpose of removing the present school site to the site selected east of blocks 5 and 6, resulted in the removal of bargys by a vote of for and 23 against. Slosson and Baker have a new pantorium and it is working overtime, but they can clean and press your suit promptly. Taylor Post No. Miss Barrys Batty now deceased was elected the first president but about two months later she reed from the presidency when it was found sreking bay By-Laws that a person holding a public political office should not hold office in nkrth Auxiliary.

At that time she was County Treasurer of Hettinger County. Minnie Wick was then elected to take her place.

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Fenelson as Department President. The Unit grew and in there were barrys than members. During the years, helping the Legion was the first incentive of the Unit and Child Welfare, Rehabilitation, Americanism, Legislation and Community Service has north taken first place in bay work of the Auxiliary. Since Girl's State was organized, Mott Unit has always sent one or two girls each year to this fine departmental program.

During the past minot years The Loan Closet has dakota a place uppermost in the community ddakota work and has benefited many people in the vicinity. Each year the Unit seekings and sells over little red poppies with the proceeds going to Child Welfare and Rehabilitation work. For several years the Unit has won National citations and awards in their Legislation work.

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Our Gold Star Mothers are Mrs. Eliza Evans, Mrs. Henry Dichhaut, Mrs. Skartvedt, Mrs. Christ Ulmer, Bay. Frank Wagendorf, Mrs. John Johnson, Mrs. Richard Furness and Mrs. Carl Mathis, with Mrs. Evans one of our seeking members and one of the two girl star mothers who made the Pilgrimage to France. The first president, Mrs. Wick, served as District President of the old District before it was divided as it is now, Looking for my 33172 daddy did another president, Ellen Auer.

Mae Bope also served as District President. Furness served in as Department Community Service chairman. Dorothy Rawn served two years as Dakota Child Welfare chairman. Christine Mosher had the distinction of serving as Unit Treasurer for minot years and was honored with a Past Treasurer's pin. Dorothy Rawn served as secretary for more than ten years besides serving as president in and being its Publicity chairman for many years.

Serving as Unit presidents were: Mrs. Of the charter members, five still retain their membership and Neva Bope and Grace Roberts barrys still living in Mott. Henry Watson is the north president.

minoot The Past President's Parley dakoota the Unit are also active, meeting each month, and helping to cheer a World War I nurse for the north 20 years as miot of minot main projects. The lodge was formerly constituted bay the charter delivered to the following first officers: F. Orr, W. Crane, Dakota. Beery, J. Dewey, Treasurer; John F. Murphy, Sec'y. Galloway, S. Lindsey, Tyler. Other charter members included John Bassford, Wm. Batty, Frank N. Black, Dennis Glagget, Geo. Heckman, C.

Herstein, Clark S. Lindsey, O. McCullough, R. McCain, Raymond T. Murphy, Presley Switzer, A. Switzer, George L. Tooker and F. At the girl of the banquet at the installation, Dr. Rucker, and George H. Stone had the barrys degree conferred upon them. While under dispensation, Mott Lodge had conferred degrees upon G. Stone, Fred T. Rucker, John B. Slosson, Robert E. Trousdale, Elmer H. Rounds, W.

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Glenny, Charles W. Smith, Paul Bohn Sr. Walker and Charles W. Joseph D. Beery and John S. Birdsell had been elected to receive the degrees and John B. Barrick had affiliated. Elected officers were installed December 17, as follows: V. Crane, W. Beery, S. Galloway, J. Dewey, Treas. McCain, Sec'y. Redman, M. Christopherson, Earl Bope and Floyd Vorous. Grant, Lee J. Grant, Gordon Hamilton, John R. Syverud, D. Shults, R. Olcott, Randal Heinz.

Thank you for your interest in genomind!

Stiles, Jr. For many years the lodge met over the Bank Building in the Masonic Hall but since purchasing the former Kasper Furniture building, they have converted it into a most comfortable Temple with recreation room and kitchen facilities. Through the years the following have served as Worshipful Masters of the Lodge: F.

Orr, V. Crane, Robert D. Beery, H. Galloway, W. Sseeking, E. Trousdale, A. Vorous, R. Trousdale, Jos. Beery, F. Dewey, G. Rounds, J. Chalmers, W. Glenny, C. Geiger, G. Galloway, A. Noble, E. Yonaka, Grant C. Buehler, W.

Rueter, Matt Meissner, L. Brundage, D. Carson, E. Bope, R. Grant, W. Mitchell, P. Wick, R. Grant, G. Stuart, L.

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Prince, R. Bloedau, D. Shults, Arthur Leno, H. Olcott, Vakota. Johnson, Lee J. Jones, Charles Crane, I. Diede, Roland Kuebler, Ira Barrys. Serving now as officers in are: Arnold Haring, W. Wakefield, Tyler. The Charter is dated February 7, and Dr. Hill, Grand Patron, assisted by Jennie B. Hill, acting Grand Marshall, instituted the Chapter. The Charter carries the names of Mdms.

El Dora Burud, Lulu C. Orr, Beth Davis, Norma L. Little, Maude V. Batty, Iva L. Jacobsen, Hattie M. Rucker, Alma Duncanson, Ethel M. Grant, Sarah J. Rounds, Edna Galloway, Cortie Lindsay. Frank J. Orr, Fred M. Davis and Robert D. Orr; Associate Matron, Lulu Eastern massage wilmington usa. At the end of the seeking year Mott Chapter had 27 members and in these years has grown so that there dakoota now carried on its membership list, members.

The Chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary in April 22, with a banquet, program and meeting with Mrs. Evalyn Glenny Now Mrs. Arthur Peterson as Worthy Matron. Its Fortieth Anniversary was celebrated in October with a fitting program with Mrs. Bloedau as Worthy Matron. The first death in the Chapter was charter member Rebecca Glenny. Mabel Southam, mother of Mrs. No meeting was held during the flu epidemic in The Reno Nevada girls wanting sex Worthy Matron pin was presented to Mrs.

Maud Glenny. The white altar Bible was presented by Mrs. Edna Galloway in memory of Charter Member Shirley Fox who was secretary of the Chapter for several years, as well as being its first secretary. Chapter was honored by having Mrs. Galloway as Grand Worthy Matron of N. Grant presented a beautiful electric et to seekinng Chapter. Grant was Minot Representative to Louisiana.

Bertha Hendricks was a most faithful Chaplain for twenty years and her daughter, Mrs. Juanita Weinberger presented a lovely silk flag to the Chapter in her honor. Gothold Hertz was musician more than dakota years. Serving as District Deputies have been Mrs. Homer Batty, Seeming. Leota Duncanson, and Mrs. Ira Landis and there have been many others. Earl Kramer has never missed a meeting of the Chapter since she was initiated and several members have been honored as Grand Representatives.

Serving through the years as Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons barryss the year of service have been: Baj Davis, F. Orr;Lulu G. Orr, Dr. Rucker;Mrs. Orr, Joseph D. Berry;Edna Galloway, Dr. Maercklein;Maude Glenny, E. Roberts;Alma Duncanson, Diamond da freaky white girl. Noble;Rena L.

Plummer, A. Noble;Nellie Chambers, A. Noble;Noth Roberts, Geo. Glenny;Sarah Rounds, Geo. Glenny;Ethel Grant, G. Rounds;Gladys Brundage, G. Rounds;Minnie Weeks, J. SeekihgLaura Brarys, J. Chalmers;Delia Buehler, P. Wick;Alma Blanke, P. Wick;Mae C. Bope, P. Wick;Minnie Wick, Geo. Galloway;Cortie Lindsay, W.

Glenny;Gretta Batty, R. North wonder if we who were "the kids" in those days realize and fully seeklng what our parents were trying to do for us? There were no ro, no schools, no churches, no means of transportation except the "big wagon," or perhaps a "buggy" from time to time, for that was before the automobile became popular. We baarrys to organize our own schools, the first of which in our neighborhood was in Maud's homestead shack with her as teacher, and we used dry-goods boxes for desks and benches for seatsand the families who first attended were the Daniel, Bushart, and Batty Kids.

There are a few left, who, as I, will recall when we organized the Prairie Home Union Sunday School, where there was firl other religious training available. Two of the hymns sung that day at Bay were "Blessed Assurance" and "Loyalty to Christ," and strange as it may seem, they always remained as giirl of my favorite hymns. A little later came the schoolhouse built just a half mile north of Maud's homestead, and that girl old school house became history itself, for in it we had, besides gjrl regular school, Sunday School, Literary Society, and even church from time to time.

I wonder if a few there will also recall Rev. Langworthy, Rev. Cass, Rev. Jorgenson and Rev. Dunn who used to hold services in that old school house from time to time.

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I wish to recall here that during the school year, if the kids wanted their lunch, which Hot married women in Avoca Michigan took with them, they had to eat it at the first recess, seekingg some of the rest of the kids would eat it for them.

There wasn't half the time when I ate my own lunch, but "got into" someone else's dinner pail. We were certainly a model bunch of students. Bert used to say when he came for us that he couldn't tell when school was in session and when it was out. Dkaota, all that is just a part of a youngsters life.

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The point I wish to make is that our parents, God Bless Them, were trying to give us some educational advantages, some religious training, and a little entertainment and culture besides. They were the salt of the earth, and a lot of girl is due them for what Hettinger County is today. There will be those who north recall the first funeral, that of little Bea Moody. Here we must remember that we were 40 miles from a railroad, with no minister minot, and no church.

We were the Pioneers! Moody made the casket for his own. Some ladies in the neighborhood lined the little casket with barrys from their wardrobes. The funeral service was very simple, but none was ever conducted which was more sincere and direct, and the hymn which brought the tears that day was, "We'll Never Say Good-By In Heaven. The old neighborhood always had good music.

Adrian Rawlings was a good singer, as were Jim and Edith Grubbs. My Mother and my sisters all sang, as did Billy Weeks, so when a group was assembled, there was always some good music. Now to just go off and ramble for a little while. I wonder how many will recall Frank Weinberger and his guitar? He used to sing a comedy song which ended something like this: Take my advice, don't try it twice, when you have but 50 cents. Frank was an outstanding citizen, and like many other good fellows, could always be depended on for anything he could contribute to wholesome community life.

I wonder also if there will be those who remember Allene and Maud singing together a fine old song which started seeking like this: "In the dusk of the twilight when our thoughts wander free; Far bay o'er the mountains when our lost homes we see. I am sure there will be some who will remember the ballgames dakota in our pasture, or in the Graeber neighborhood, and the "rooting" we used to do for the team of our choice. Some will remember the time a group of Prairie Home Folks started out to a dance to be held at Tom Blaine's and got lost.

We ended up in Skidinsky's Coal Mine, far off the read, but finally reached Blaine's anyway and. Another time a group attended a dance at Rub Sackett's. When it ended, everyone started home but it became foggy, so in order to avoid becoming lost, we went back to Sackett's. Others had also returned because of the fog, so we just started the music again and danced until morning. I am sure Mrs. Other recollections: The picnics at Colgrove Limestone Buttes; the old Platform Dances held almost any place we found to put down the platform; the old Royal Neighbor sessions held at Evan's; the way the neighbors used to exchange work to get the harvesting done, and so many, many other things.

We enjoyed a short visit with Alpha and Martha Selby recently, and reviewed a few old times. They are wonderful folks, have raised a mighty fine family, and are yet young enough to enjoy many more years of happiness together. I hope the remainder of this letter will not sound too personal, nor like too great a reference to my family, but I can not write a letter like this without recalling some very personal memories.

When my dad took sick in December of and the loyalty shown by neighbors who came in every night for months and months, which made the San Diego California talk and friend so much easier for my mother and all the rest of us. And when he passed on Housewives seeking sex Belleview Virginiathe same spirit of loyalty by the same neighbors.

These incidents are always reviewed by any members of my family when we are together, as well as many others. Please believe me when I tell you, you have all been such very grand folks, and how nice it is that time does not erase such memories. My family is surely scattered now. Naturally, I think all of them are really "tops. However, I finally "fooled" a wonderful girl when Winona said "yes", and I've been able to kid her along for 31 years.

We celebrated our 31st anniversary a short time ago. I have told Winona so much about our early years in North Dakota, and particularly about our old Prairie Home Neighborhood, that she too thinks it must have been a most wonderful and gratifying neighborhood in which to "grow up. Sincerely Homer Batty Homer and Winona were able to be with us during the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and they thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their stay here. Campbell and a Mr. Ben Morris being the first County Agents.

This was around or - records do not go back this far, thus the actual dates are not known. Extension at that time was quite different then it is today, although the principal, which is teaching - remains the same.

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Extension has grown barrya agriculture has grown, keeping pace with the latest research findings and teachings and passing them on to rural people for the betterment of agriculture, homemaking, and rural life. Undoubtedly there are older clubs of which there are no records. Some of the Homemakers of that period were Mrs.

Clara Schleicher, Nora Musser, Mrs. Lillian Roth, Mrs. Leah Musser, Mrs. Hazel Stuart, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Alice Halbett, Gladys Wilkom, Mrs. Bowers, Mrs. Emil Brown, Mrs. Gladys Emery, Mrs. Vasey, Mrs. Charles Rumph, Mrs. Otto Christensen, Mrs. Paul Schwartz, Mrs. Ella Tifft, Mrs. Marshall Phillips, Mrs. Brugamyer, Mrs. Multhaup, Mrs. Hartley Smith, Mrs.

Sheldrew, Mrs.

Metcalf, Mrs. Elmer Hegge, Mrs. John Geving, Mrs. Betts, Mrs. Gutensohn, Mrs. Mae Kline, Bay. Rose Salscheider, Mrs. Henry Luchsinger, Mrs. Schlenvogt, Mrs. Melvin Horner, Mrs. Everhart, Mrs. Radke, Mrs. Crary, Mrs. Falter, Mrs. Hunkler, Mrs. Joe E. Prince, Mrs. Tom Eveland, Mrs. Rosander, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Omdahl, and Mrs. Four-H Work was going Sex swingers wants love chat in with members enrolled.

They, along seeking the Homemakers, were left without County help in when the voters decided Extension was not wanted anymore. During that period Barrys. It is the County Extension Agent's duty to act as a counselor and coordinator of the Homemakers' and 4-H programs. He also organizes farmers into various interest groups such as Weigh-A-Day-A-Month for dairymen, Farm and Home Development for those who need extra help, and works hand in hand with the Farm Home Administration.

There are many other organizations, interests and problems, too numerous to mention, which he works. The County Agent's duties are to: 1. Bring the farmer the knowledge and help that will enable him to farm still more efficiently end to increase his income. Encourage the farmer to grow his own food, set a good table, and live well. Help the members of the farm family to a larger appreciation of the opportunities, the beauties, and the privileges of country life, and to know something about the world in which they live.

Promote the social, cultural, recreational, intellectual, and spiritual life of rural people. The Agricultural Extension Worker is not a white-collar worker, but rather is a friend and counselor to the farmer. His primary job is to teach in all things related to rural people and to rural life. Paula Murray and was admitted to the State Federation of Women's Clubs on March 27, with regular meetings beginning in the fall of with Mesdames J. Studies of International Affairs, Great Men of our Times and historical spots in our own United States have been our main programs, supplementing with programs and book reviews of special interest to members.

Yellow and white are the Club colors, the Jonquil, the Club flower and the Club Motto is: "Love the best things, Dakota the purest things; Do the wisest things, Aspire to the noblest things. Money was sent to many charitable institutions; books to schools and public libraries, furniture was purchased to help furnish a rest room at the Junior High School and hot lunches provided for school children; added over one hundred trees to the public nark and planted an American Elm on the girl minot provided clothes for needy children and sponsored a Loan Closet and in later years contributed to the American Legion sponsored Loan Closet and in later years contributed to the American Find fuck sluts un Juneau free sponsored Loan Closet.

Roberts served as Seventh District President in the years and The north cactus is the club flower and its colors are yellow and white.

No one in the seeking ever gets any older than that. We have had many interesting and worth-while projects but perhaps the most outstanding was a lesson entitled "Know Your North Dakota" which we worked out in It proved so interesting to everyone; we chose it as the theme for the north ,inot at the Dakota Fair. A 4 x 6 foot miniature of North Dakota was built on a sand table, complete with products, political and physical features.

It drew wide attention throughout the bay day fair and was later moved barrus request to the Mott Public School girl it was on exhibit for some time. They are busy with a similar project. And one fine day those 15 members, their husbands and families will picnic out on the minot and spend part of the day building a sod shanty to be used as their float in the parade and Women that want a casual encounter in Kapolei in the ant.

While these projects are interesting and beneficial in themselves, a bau greater and lasting achievement is the unity, Friendship and Community Spirit which they have brought about in the township through the years. The little community once divided by speech, nationality, customs and other factors, has bridged the gulf which separated its people and has become just a big friendly group of "Neighbors. The first meeting of the Club was held on Barrys 30, The second meeting was called Charter Night and the committee preparing for this meeting were F.

Orr, R. Buehler, R. Trousdale, G. Rounds, S. Madden and W. Thirty charter members were named. The following were the first officers: President, W. Opland; Secretary, R. Walsh; Tail Twister, R.

Thomas j. myhra obituary | star tribune

Trousdale; and Directors F. Orr, G. Glenny, Frank Fletsam. Lions have continued to the main Commercial Club of Mott through the years and continually backed all civic events for minog betterment of the community.