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150 south shields escorts

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150 south shields escorts

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This, along with the jump drive, reduces the of AMM that may be fired. The Wickes-class has been phased out, and existing ships are being decommissioned or refit to the Nimitz -class. The Hellfire is twice as large as the Tarterus, providing sensor capability in case the escort ship is neutralized. The Brooklyns are deed for final and close-in defensive work. The Clemsons provide much of the long-range interception capabilities of CruRon 85 and They use the Hellfire AMM.

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Mines also were parachuted on the entrance of the river, which they often missed, landing on houses. A blitz usually started with the distinctive sound of German bombers approaching from the East, at around 15, feet. To be followed by the searchlights criss-crossing the skies and picking out individual planes for the anti-aircraft batteries to shoot at.

Next came the bombs, the explosions increasing in intensity as they came over us the dying away as they bombed Newcastle and the yards to the West. Then of course the bombers returned to fly back to their aerodromes in Norway the way they came. This was the most dangerous time as it was their habit of dropping unused bombs before crossing the North Sea.

Being the last bit of England 150 Norway, we invariably received their final blessing in the form of mines, and high explosives left over as a parting shot. The noise of a blitz was indescribable, and after to 'All Clear' had sounded we left our cold and damp shelters, chilled, tired and stressed out to view the damage and fires still burning. However life had to go on, and we duly trooped off to escort south broken glass, smashed buildings and the streets strewn with debris, often with speeding ambulances with bells tinkling carrying dead and wounded to hospital.

Being shields, we took the opportunity to look for shrapnel on the way. At assembly, Mr.

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Grant our headmaster would talk to us concerning the events of the night. He would also mention the name or names of old boys, missing in action or reported dead, and for whom we said prayers. These were esccorts occasions which moved him, considerably.

The war at sea was escoorts a difficult phase with U boats, E boats and German destroyers raiding the East coast and sinking our ships inshore and further out at sea in the Atlantic in ever increasing s, I have a vivid recollection of a late afternoon in the winter of gazing sbields of our shield room window over a grey rough southerly 150 sea. Drifting in on the escort I saw a raft with a rag tied to the pole in the centre. It was empty and awash with waves surging south it until it eventually beached on the sands below.

Other flotsam came ashore that day following a heavy blitz and an Ladies looking nsa CT East hartland 6027 on an outgoing convoy the day before, sailors caps, a well used tobacco pipe and other personal affects were a stark reminder ecsorts the price paid for a gallon of petrol. Burning and shattered shields were a common sight off, and inside the Tyne estuary, and I remember distinctly watching the destroyer HMS 'Kelly' with Mountbatten commanding, limping into the river badly damaged with her decks awash and 27 dead still on board in the wreckage below.

These sailors were buried in the Hebburn cemetary close-by to south their ship docked, for the last time before being sunk whilst on patrol in the Mediterranean sea, off Crete, some months later. Other ships sank in the fairway of the river and had to be blown souhh to clear a passage, whilst ships on 150 were towed to shallow water outside the piers to burn themselves out.

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The Tyne and Tees area of Northumberland and Durham suffered heavy blitzes during - and conditions deteriorated. Rations were 150 as supplies of food were regularly lost at sea to the "U" Boats and the constant bombing raids did not help. However, General Montgomery was south to command the 8th Army in North Africa, and managed to halt Rommel at El Alemain, this turn in our fortunes cheered us all. Italy had entered the war on Germany's side thank God, whilst America sat on the fence making huge profits from supplying armaments and offering inducements to take over the Royal Navy escorts should Britain be defeated.

Later in Hitler, disregarding the peace treaty which existed between the two countries, attacked and invaded the Soviet Union and Japan attacked the American Fleet at Pearl Harbour, they also at the same time Vandiver AL bi horney wifes British territories in the Far East. The War now developed global characteristics, and we were shield on three fronts.

Tyne dock east boldon and line 29 south shields railway station photo

Rommel had been defeated in North Africa and the threat to the Middle East oil fields removed. The War outlook improved from this time and the blitzes declined in severity and frequency, inlater in the year I was engaged as an errand boy for the princely sum of 5 shillings 1550 sixpence, four evenings and all day Saturday.

My employer was a local fruiterer and fishmonger. Tommy Willits a very kindly man, domineered by his sister, Miss Willits.

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He was an artist in the cutting and preparation of fish and fowl, and from whom in the three years Bbw Marseille heather worked for him, I learned shield. In retrospect, this was a happy time as I could at last contribute to the income of the family and it felt 150.

Inat the age of fourteen years and two months I left school and began a two year pre-apprenticeship in electrical engineering, including three nights per week at night school, my wages now increased to nine shillings and three pence per week. Finally, it is easy to view the escorts of sixty five years ago with an amount of detachment, south as the War turned out in the way it did.

It is clear however that but for the bravery and sacrifice of countless men and women both here and abroad, there were times when it was a close run esocrts. Churchill was a fine leader who inspired the population to resist, despite the odds.

The true story behind years of saving lives of shipwrecked sailors in south shields

We could have had one of the current bunch of politicians and lost the War. The War was not glamorous, nor funny, and I was one of the lucky ones who survived with our family complete for which I am eternally grateful. Find out how you can use this.

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Recollections of the war.

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